Kinetic Breeding Plans

Here is the third pic. It keeps logging me out so I can't fix the typo in the link in the post above.

Very cute pics, very cute pups! Just adorable…

Absolutely love the BW in the background of the second picture.

Already attacking plastic bags. What little coursers they'll be. Cute!

ooohhh… I Like Clark!!!

I know my perfect Christmas gift this year.... 😃

Here are their 8 week old pics. Sorry for the blurriness, my camera settings were apparently wrong.





While hard to tell totally from the pictures…. I like Clark and Bella the best. Hard to tell about Bella's shoulders... but both she and Clark have the best rears from what I can tell both with a very nice shelf....

That was the general consensus yesterday. Both Clark and Bella's fronts would be better if they were a bit further back but overall they are both nice puppies. Bella has the show attitude, very full of herself being the only girl and only red. Clark is more like his dad in attitude.

Here are some not blurry casuals from yesterday.




The whole Gang

Based solely on these photos, I would rank Bella and Dean the highest but Clark and Flash are certainly not far behind. This is a fabulous litter. I love them all.

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