Zande's pedigree site, it is important

  • Most don't think it is important to look at the pedigree of their pups.... it really is important, especially regarding health testing for Fanconi and PRA, Zande gets those results direct from OFA to add to the pedigree data base, with their blessing otherwise they would never supply that information. It is not only important to breeders but to anyone looking or interested in research of the pedigree of their basenji. I honestly in 30+ yrs in the breed have never met a breeder (even not responsible breeders) that would not want their pups listed. This is a public site and one that is used by hundreds of people to research their Basenjis. It is also important to register your Basenji. There is nothing that is on Zande's site that is anything more then the pedigree and if there are any test results for Fanconi/PRA (and these are open to the public to see at Some breeders don't supply her with the litter information and in the US not all breeders register pups before placement because they have the new owners pick the registered name. Here is the link to the pedigree database, take a look....

  • Can I send a different picture of Teki for the pedigree website? She’s so much more photogenic this year!

  • @chenke - Contact Zande directly to do that. You can find her contact information at the pedigree site, bottom of the page

  • There's a few things that make that site so very very cool in my mind.

    First, it's just fun to see my pups family tree. I use it to show off to friends and family (Ferrari Dog! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: ). I use it to contemplate the conversations and thought that might have gone into a breeding say... 4, 5, 6 generations back... that may have created the strongest attributes I might be seeing today. The pictures make that really fun to noodle. πŸ€”

    Second is being able to see which breeders have relationships e.g. my breeder, Astarte is closely aligned with Kazor and Taji. There're more, but you get the idea. Why would that be important? Well, I would guess that a person trying to find a puppy might be able to use it as a tool to identify breeders who may not be listed on sites like AKC or BCOA. Sure, it would take a little digging, then some google searches, but to me... half the fun is the hunt. Ask any squirrel hunting Basenji. I can't believe more people aren't using the database for this purpose. πŸ€”

    Third, to check health as has been mentioned e.g. Fanconi, PRA, hip dysplasia

    There is so much involved in being an ethical and successful breeder. The database gives an indication of both. A person can spot a championship line and see that it's been happening for generations spanning decades. I can go back 5 generations, BUT... if I go to Logan's Great great great grandmother and search her... now I get to see another 5 generations back. Take some notes and do some google searches. It's like a treasure hunt clues. Having a basenji has become a hobby, so I love this stuff. Thanks @Zande 😍

  • @jengosmonkey - Thank you for your wonderful input... note however hip results are not on Zande's site, just Fanconi and PRA... however you can search for any other test that were done, but only Fanconi and PRA are public knowledge, owner/breeders can mark results not to be shown on OFA... as with other tests. As I have said many, many times... responsible breeders breed to improve the breed and to keep something for their breeding programs... that said, they are not going to keep everything so the next MOST important thing is a wonderful home. And they place these pups not for the money, but for them and the family to become part of their "Basenji" family. The most important in our breed is Fanconi and PRA, these are horrible issues that cause death.. and now that we have DNA testing over the last many years, this has been resolved provided that breeders TEST before breeding meaning there is never, ever a reason to produce a Fanconi affected Basenji. It is not just to breed show dogs or performance dogs, but if interested that is wonderful... great homes are great for sure as breeders breed Basenjis with good/wonderful temperaments and help potential buyers to see if this is the perfect fit for their families/lifestyle.... OK off my usual soap box and keep in mind that responsible breeders to not breed to "make" money... period

  • @chenke yes of course you can ! It is the work of a few seconds to change a photo once the program knows it needs to look for one.

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