Planning for Next Year's Litter

I know that most people are still enjoying "puppy love" but since I am planning a litter this coming fall, I am already starting the work of planning. I am getting excited because in 2 weeks, I will be flying to Michigan to meet the stud dog I am considering using, Ch Kenset Motor City Shakedown, Trooper. He has already tested Probably Clear for Fanconi, and will be getting his hips done this month. He will also be getting another CERF exam this year.

I am looking forward to meeting him. I have met many of his relatives and am always excited to meet the extended family of my dogs. We may even go to a Canadian show while we are visiting.

He is a nice dog, Lisa. I have seen him several times. I hope it works out 🙂

Hope you have a safe, successful trip.

Lisa, nice to see you're coming up this way! Trooper is a nice boy.

Have a safe trip! Hope everything works out 🙂

I have always liked Trooper and I think he may be a very good match for Rio. I can't wait to hear your personal observations on him and see photos. It would rock if you could meet Arlene and her dogs while you are up there. I think she's only a few hours from there.

I have already started my "list of potential studs" for this fall's litter(s?) also. Decisions, decisions.

It's nice to see everyone plan their litters and take everything into consideration. I'm also planning for next year's litter, but in a different way. I'm talking to two breeders and am working with waiting lists. As it stands, my best possibility for a new friend for Medjai (and me of course) is a tricolor female.

I really like Trooper in all of the pics I have of him and I have quite a few, Karen has been great about sending all sorts of pictures. I think he will be a good match for Rio but I really like to see the dogs in person because there are some things that you just can't really get from a picture.

Trooper is tri factored and so is Rio so there would be a possibility that we would have our first tris here.

Here are some pics of Trooper.


Today is the day that I head off to Michigan to meet Trooper. I have to make sure my camera is charged. I haven't finished packing yet.

Good luck! Have a safe trip!

Good luck and come home safe!!!

I hope you'll have a great time!!!

Have fun Lisa! I only live a few minutes from the airport so maybe I'll hear your plane whizzing by. 🙂

Have fun! The weather is beautiful…maybe a little cold..but sunny!

I arrived safely. We are staying in a hotel tonight because we got in at midnight local time which is only 9pm my time so I am not quite tired yet.

Hope you have a good trip and he is all you are looking for AND passes all health-testing with flying colors!

The spring puppies we are having in the next month [both litters no less!] were the ones we'd planned for Fall 2009. So I moved up my 2010 breedings to Fall 2009… now the girls all need to cooperate with my plans!

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