• Everything around here has been crazy lately. Samantha had her second vet visit and is now on bicarbonates. I have been taking care of our new dog Winston who was just neutered so I am trying to keep him from running and jumping all over the place. This feels impossible when Samantha is constantly trying to get him to play. Anyways, the point of this post is I was organizing all the vet paperwork for my dogs and I came across the paper that lists Samantha's breeder information.

    The sire is Haynie's Mystic Inferno and the dam is Haynie's Delightful Delilah. The owner at the time was listed as Glenda and Samantha was born in 2006. Has anyone heard of these dogs or the breeder? I posted in my introduction that my husband and I bought Samantha from a pet store in Willowbrook Mall.


  • If you seach Sally Wallis pedigree data base (www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com), you will see that Delightful Delilah is noted as IND for Fanconi testing, this in the days before the direct test meant that on the linkage test, she would be considered either a Clear or Carrier, but that the test could not determine and she should be considered a Carrier for breeding. You will note that her dam is also IND (Haynie's Quienona). If you then look at the sire Mystic Inferno, he is also noted with the linkage test as IND, so should have been considered a Carrier for breeding. Of course that said, your girl was born before the linkage test was available, so there would have been know way to know.

    I know of many of the dogs further back in the pedigree, but the ones in the first couple of generations are all from Puppy Millers or Back Yard Breeders, sorry to say.

    Glad to hear that she is on the right medication now, hopefully your vets have talked to Dr. Gonto…...

  • I am glad your girl is on Bicarbs now and she should be feeling better soon.

    I was corresponding with a Glenda, who lived in NE TX and was selling all three dogs for $500 in late 2005 which was after breeding season. She acquired them from another kennel owner for $750 and owned them for 8 months and was not told they only go into season once a year. She did say that she had to socialize them as they would originally not even come to her-typical kennel dogs. She was unable to find anyone to buy them and I could not since I was attending college and had no time for socializing and training them. Since she could not sell them, she decided to keep them and breed them in 2006. It looks like she might have sold them later since Delilah had pups with a different sire and Inferno had pups with a different dam in 2007. I wonder when they were tested because in 2007 both were bred to pCRs and produced at least one pAFS pup.

    It looks like the information about your girl and any other littermates is not in the Basenji Pedigree Database. Please e-mail Sally Wallis at sally.wallis@btopenworld.com with the information about your girl, including date of birth, color, registration number and name, sire, dam, and name of breeder so she can be in the pedigree database.


  • Just a quick note, Sally's database doesn't list breeder

  • Perhaps I am mistaken but I thought Sally keeps the name of the breeder(s) even though it is not shown in the database website.


  • The public database does not list breeder but Sally does track breeders in her personal database.

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