Vanda's babies are here :-)…

  • Just want to let everyone know that Vanda has had her babies on 10th June :-)…

    She, (Ch Wazazi Living Doll), has had 3 red/white girls, 1 tri girl and a lonesome red/white boy !!! All are doing well and Vanda has settled into motherhood very well...

    The boy was last born, came out well, no issues, until I was just about to close an eye, (at about 6.30am after no sleep !!!), and I noticed he wasnt looking good, flat, very dehydrated etc... I didnt have many things organised, (only got the whelping box set up late the evening before she whelped), but thats a long story !!! I suddenly remembered that I had read numerous times on an Australian dog forum, (that Im a member on), that people had sworn by 'liver juice'. Thankfully I had bought some lamb's liver, (supposed to use beef, but I couldnt get any that morning), and it was in the freezer. I cut about half a handful of it, covered the bottom of a small saucepan with water and boiled it for a few minutes. I then let it cool, and put about 2-3 drops on his tongue, and after about 30-45 seconds, he started to move a little, gave him another 3-4 drops, and he really started to squirm, so I put him on Mum, bingo, started to suck furiously :-)...

    Now, I dont know if the 'liver juice' really did work or not. Maybe he was a little stronger than I thought, maybe he was just tired ??? I dont know. BUT, I do know he was really dehydrated, and although I do put them straight onto Mum, I dont know if he got a drink... So many questions, but, I think the 'liver juice' did something, and I now have a strong and healthy boy :-)... We made sure he was put on Mum heaps the day he was born, even pulling other stronger pups off the free flowing teats, so he could get on. He still lost weight on the 1st day's weigh in, but the last 2 days he has put on as much as the others now... Im happy :-)...

    Ok so this has ended up a long, useless information story, but just wanted to share my 'liver juice' story in-case it helps anyone else :-)...

    Forgot to say we will be keeping the pick bitch, and while I might regret it, Im hoping the tri-ing will be the one !!! Mmmmm the little boy just might not be able to find a home either !!!

  • Congrats! I found with my last litter that I had to 'rotate' the fat puppies with the ones that weren't doing as well. I find, sometimes, the puppies just don't get enough with their favorite teat and they have to be moved to a different one. And then, there are the little hippos that take all the milk! Good luck!

  • LOL same here Arlene and hippos cover it. Glad the pup is okay. I actually use Karo syrup to rub on their gums to give them a boost. I had never heard of liver juice! Congrats on the pups.. where are the pictures!

  • Congrats on a nice "bitch" litter… gggg The girls will keep that one boy in line!!! Pictures, we need pictures. Fingers crossed that the Tri-ing will suit the purpose!!!

  • Congratulations on your little ones - we need pictures as soon as you are able.

  • Babies!!! I can't wait to see pics. I am glad that everything went well and all the baby hippos(heehee) are doing great!

  • Congratulations 🙂

  • Thanks guys…

    Tried to get some pics up of them, but Im completely useless with technology, so will need Mr Saba to help me !!!

    They are now 9 days old, and all are thriving. Vanda is a wonderful attentive Mum, and Im over the moon with how she is doing. The little boy is doing well, and all have well and truely doubled their weights.

    This is the second litter, (the other is the ACD litter I had last year), that I have fed adult food all through the bitches pregnancy. Previously I have always put my girls straight onto puppy food from the day they are mated. Both this litter and the ACD one, the pups have doubled their weight, within 4-7 days. When I have been feeding the puppy food to the bitches, the pups usually doubled their weight by about days 10-12, and I was happy with that, (and they always dropped weight for the first day or so). Mmmmm is there something in that !!!

  • Many congratulations. I always love a litter with majority girls but i know that's a matter of opinion. Glad the boy recovered. He'll possibly be the 'lazy' one. I'd never heard of the liver juice solution and it just shows how useful this forum is - you can never be in this breed long enough to have heard it all! Thanks for the tip.

    I so look forward to seeing the pictures.

  • None of your information is useless!

    I'll never be a basenji breeder, but I can tell you that I have learned so much on this forum since I joined a few years back, SO much useful information! I'm so happy to hear that the little dude is doing well, as all the other little divas seem to be. 🙂 Hopefully we'll get to see pictures soon. Congratulations on what sounds to be a lovely litter!

  • Pictures!!!!

  • Ok with Mr Saba's help I think I have this done :-)…

    These pics were taken today, they are 16 days old, and completely wasting of time, all day everyday :-)...

    Ok so pics 1 and 10 is a girl. Pics 2 and 3 are a girl. Pics 4 and 5 are a girl. Pics 6 and 7 are the little boy, and finally, pics 8 and 9 is a girl… Very proud of my brood and of Vanda who is doing a fantastic job being a Mum !!!

  • Oh so cute! Glad everyone is doing well.

  • It's hard to believe that those precious little faces will one day eat an entire couch!!!!!

  • @vickilb:

    It's hard to believe that those precious little faces will one day eat an entire couch!!!!!

    LMAO!!!! So true!

  • Oh vickilb that is just not nice !!! It is unfortunately oh so true !!!

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