• Way back in 2006, there was a discussion here started by WestCoastFlea about a breeder here in the Houston area who was "getting out of Basenjis" because her HOA would only allow 3 dogs and there was a long sad story about how she got her original B's from her daughter, etc, etc, etc. The breeder's name was Mary Beth Weiss.

    Well, guess what! Apparently she didn't get out, (SURPRISE!) as she just e-mailed me asking about stud service or purchasing a breeding female since she's 'retiring in a few years and interested in getting into showing or lure coursing'. Her boy and girl are 1/2 brother and sister, so she doesn't want to breed them together. I e-mailed her back asking for registered names and health testing and suggested she ask the breeder of her dogs, hee-hee. We'll see if I hear anything back, though I really don't expect to….


  • No surprise there as there has been a few craiglist posts from this person with Basenjis to place…ie: FOR SALE! I don't think she ever stopped breeding.

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