Planned Litter at Khani's…

Coming in season 2 months early really threw me for a loop….
so Halloween pups are in the works...

Sire: Khani's Causing A ComMOtion
p. Fanconi Clear
OFA Good (at nearly 8 years of age!)
Elbow Normal
Patella Normal

Dam: Am CH Teazer's American Idol
p. Fanconi Clear
OFA Good
CERFd as a youngster (being re-done again)

"Smooches" traveled to the mainland to meet up with MO and find her retirement homes.
This litter will be a "pedigree" repeat of the "MO" x "Sugar" that produced "Joonas" in Finland and our sweet "Baby" (dam to Hila's Missy and Margaret's "Willow").

We are hoping for plenty o' blacks!!

Congratulations! Hope all goes smoothly. They should all be handsome pups.


Those will be some pretty keep us posted..please?

Congrats, very beautiful combination!

Very nice! Hope all goes well.


Very excited to see this one!!!

They will be very pretty babies. Jaycee is on the down side of her heat I was not sure but I thought it was early but at least almost done.

Rita Jean

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