Bailey's breeder and registration

  • Posting Bailey's registation info:

    Breeder is Tammie Winkley.

    Sire: Haynie's Mystic Inferno
    Dam: Mable Fanny Blossom

    Bailey's registered name is Tammie's Sadie.
    She was first owned by a couple in Cabot, AR, who did not contact the breeder when they surrendered her to BoxAR Rescue in Little Rock.

    Is anyone familiar with the breeder? (Notice the female, Kate, is chained)

  • Actually both of them are chained! I've never heard of them before.

  • On both websites, product catalog has the pics of puppies…very strange and sad to hear puppies called product. :(:(

  • You should get Bailey tested for Fanconi using the DNA test. Her Sire is Indeterminate and Dam is a Carrier and one of her littermates is Probably Affected.

  • Vicki there is Top Dog breeder in Waldron, Arkansas also has bloodhounds. Are the two the same if so I spoke with her last spring was not impressed with her at all. She maybe great I do not know but really more into her bloodhounds.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Sad to see, clearly this "breeder" is in it for the money, not for the breed or the pet..

    I noticed it says ( will have 5 litters this december, ready to go to their new homes on Feb 14 2010…5 litters.. all colors available.....
    How can you raise 20 puppies ( lets say they all get 4 each) in a home environment with they live in a barn..?

  • Houston

    I agree with you Vicki, it is a good thing Cami is with you, on several levels…
    I people can do this and sleep good at night is beyond me...and they are showing their kids this is how you act, despicable

  • She had puppies for sale on internet all summer go look at her contract. Cami dear you have it made your in the best place your home you could have very been.

    Rita Jean

  • In 2006, the Haynie's Bs were for sale by a breeder named Glenda in NE TX. It is sad that many of these breeding dogs just get sold from breeder to breeder. I believe the dam who is out of Carr came from MO.

    Jennifer Hill

  • Oh, this is very sad indeed.

  • Wish we could shut them all down who behave this way. Treating dogs as if they are livestock is repulsive to me. That goes for any breed of dog. I believe dogs were put on this earth to be companions to humans and to be treated as such.

  • I wish that breeders (people) what ever they are had to live in a cage and have the same done to them as what they have done to dogs, cats.

    Rita Jean

  • Sadly, in this country ,everyone can have a dog or 100 and a child..and for the most part, they can treat them anyway they want to…until someone steps up and says NO, this isn't right.
    So we really all need to be the keepers of those who can't speak for themselves and if you see something that concerns you, call the humane society or CPS.
    We all have to keep these folks from harming those who can't speak.
    Sorry if this sounds like preaching, but I do truely believe every word.

  • Thank you Sharron this was not preaching these are golden words we all need to keep close to our heart. Keep safe and help those who can't speak.

    Rita Jean

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