Winter breeding at Khani's!

  • In the next week or so, we'll be in the midst of basenji love

    The proud fanconi-clear sire to be is our Hawaiian visitor "L'Mo" aka Teazer's American Gigalo.
    The ever-so-hussy girl is "Phoebe" aka MBIF Am DC Khani's Here To Stay SC.

    This should make for puppy appearance around March 28th… and off to homes at the end of May, early June.

    Gotta love basenjis living with other breeds that cycle on the off times.

    More details can be found for this breeding on our website at

  • Very cool Kathy, can't wait to see babies!

  • Congrats - interesting to see what Phoebe produces - she is such a lovely girl.

  • OMG those are going to be some beautiful babies!!! Both dogs are gorgeous!:D:D I can't wait to see them in the spring…

  • The big question is….....
    will Avery (Phoebe's owner/handler) be able to produce puppies that boogie in this litter??
    After all, Phoebe is the Boogie-ing queen in the ring and out!

    L'Mo is more the strong silent type..... unless left outdoors too long (which he considers long than time to pee) then he can howl with the best of them.... loud and for a long time!

    I expected a spring cycle, so this was an early surprise.

  • How exciting, spring pups! Congrats!
    Both parents look wonderful!

  • All fingers, toes, and paws crossed that the Feeb-i-nator is in whelp…
    with lots of black girls and one CLEAR boy for me!

  • Kathy, I was checking out your website today and saw that it says Khani's Causing a Commotion is listed as the sire of the litter, is that a mistake on the website?

  • Can't wait for the puppy photos.

  • I was there hoping to find a pic of L'Mo. But I did find lots of cute pics of the fall puppies.

  • "MO" Khani's Causing A ComMOtion and Miss Phoebe [aka The Feebinator]
    welcomed some fat healthy black and red boys and a red girls this weekend.
    Unexpected circumstances created a change of sire.

    Miss Honey is due in less than three weeks… this is her today at 6w4d:

    Honey and Kona are expecting dark red pups…. there is a micron of a possibility of tris, but since we'd love to see one, that tells is it isn't going to happen! Murphy's law also tells me it's all girls.. because I do not want a girl from this litter.. I want all boys!

  • Miss Honey is sooo cute preggers. I love the pics as they start to get heavy with kids…they look like pygmy goats. 😃 Fingers crossed you get a Tri AND a boy!

  • The little creepy-crawly MoPho's are going on 2.5 weeks old and can be seen at:

    The larva-like little KoHo's were whelped today and can be seen on this page:

    Pups pups and more pups!!

  • Miss Honey sure gave you some flashy larvae 🙂

  • Beautiful babies! Congrats!

  • Oooooooh! They are all so cute. Both litters are so beautiful!



  • Absolutely beautiful puppies. I'm in Hawaii right now. I got here Sunday evening. After my arrival I found out that there was a show this weekend. I would have loved to have seen some of the Teazers basenjis.

  • Congrats! Hope you keep us updated.

  • Congratulations. Simply adorable.

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