• Went in for the x rays today, still saw 3 puppies as we did on the ultrasound and the vet thinks that's probably it.

    Pretty good for a 6 year old mom and a 14 1/2 year old daddy!

    DC Berimo's Roustabout, SC x Ch. Illusion's Mlia Amina
    Babies due November 13, 2010

    Fingers crossed for healthy, beautiful babies!


  • How exciting! Fingers crossed here as well! We do expect lots of pictures….. 😉

  • Fingers crossed, can't wait to see pics

  • Congratulations to all involved! And ditto for me, it will be so nice to see more new puppy pics. 🙂

  • Congrats Terry…can't wait to see pics once the little ones arrive. Hey, do you have a website?

  • Well, yes, we have a website….unfortunately, it's still just on my computer! I diligently made tons of pages, lots of pictures, and some really neat stuff. Got our home page done and put into html, linked all the other pages to it, but when I preview the site, only the home page comes up. So I have more work to do. My mentor (our son-in-law) is going to help me figure out what I did or didn't do correctly. Then we can publish, I hope!

  • It sounds like the links aren't correct. Check the folders that they are in. If they are relative links that is the easiest thing to get screwed up and then have nothing work.

  • Random, but will you be selling any of the puppies?

  • Exciting, then the puppies will be halfsiblings to my Kassi, Yulara Kassia.

  • We plan on keeping one, one is promised to a show home, and one to a pet home. I do have a couple of other people tentatively waiting, but haven't heard definitely from them. So if she has more than 3, we may have homes.

    Camilla, I'm assuming your Kassi is from Charro's trip to Sweden a few years ago??? He is such a sweetheart, and our other litter sired by him almost 7 years ago was beautiful and had great personalities, which is why we wanted to take the chance that he would produce lovely pups with our Amina!


  • Terry, Yes that's correct. She is one of the pups from Charro's trip to Sweden. I'm so happy that I got her, she's a real sweetheart with a lovely temprement. This is something that she has past to her babies.

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