Kwa Banduru's

We are very very proud to tell everyone that our kennel name has been accepted bij the FCI and Dutch kennelclub!!!!

Kwa Banduru's, it's Swahilli and it means "From the good ship"
So it's very suitable for us because our Basenji passion has started when we were sailing!

It has been a long lasting dream and step by step it becomes reality, we are happy, excited, proud and very enthousiastic about this beautiful step forward!

We are not planning to breed in the very near future because we don't want to rush anything, we are hoping for the birth of our little girl at the end of this year.. after a long time waiting for her 🙂

Our new website is online too!


Well done - congratulations! Your website is very nice looking - easy to find information and it has a nice, clean look to it. 🙂

Congrats!!!! That is wonderful news


Congratulations. You have a beautiful website.


Thank you all so much, it means so much to us!
Basenji's are our biggest passion and now we are even more involved of the Basenji-breeding world!


Kim, I love it, what a great is awesome too. Good luck in your new adventures.

Thank you so much Petra!

Congratulations Kim…love the kennel name - how appropriate!!! 😃


Congratulations Kim…love the kennel name - how appropriate!!! 😃

😃 It's so Basenji 😃

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