• hello my name is andrew and i am new to the site i used to own 2 basinji female dogs unfortunately they got old and died. that had been several years ago and im looking to maybe find a puppy to love and give a good home. im not sure on where to start but this site seemed like a good place to start. so feel fee to send me a post or message on here i would love to get to know everyone thanks. andrew

  • Hello and welcome Andrew. You'll find information all over this site. You can start looking for reputable breeders by going to the BCOA website and perusing their Breeder list. www.basenji.org

    I'm sure there are also a few breeders on here who can steer you in the proper direction.

  • Sorry for your loss.
    You might also consider re-homing one from BRAT – http://www.basenjirescue.org/

  • Welcome, Andrew! Please, whatever you do, do not support a 'back yard breeder'. In December/January most reputable breeders will have their new litters. Definitely start by looking for their names at the BCOA website.

  • Welcome to the forum 🙂

  • Hello Andrew, welcome to the forum. Good luck finding your new Basenji Kid.
    Meanwhile it would be nice to hear about your first Basenjis.

  • Welcome! And I agree, go through BRAT for rescue or check out responsible breeders.

  • Welcome to the Forum and good luck in finding the right Basenji for you.

  • hello andrew so sorry to hear about your loss. My gorgeous girls only lived to 4 years old, the vet said that this just happens sometimes, but somehow I still feel guilty. Hope you don't feel this way. Have you thought about going to your local rspca to replace your bitches?

  • Welcome, glad you found the forum.

  • Hi Andrew-
    My name is Heidi and we have a 7 year old girl named Princess that we are going to have to find a new home. We live in West Chicago, Illinois. Would you be interested in a housebroken young girl?

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