Cututu Xime Asthenia

Hi all,
today Cuby (Cututu Xime Asthenia) was shown in Junior class for the first time at National show in Pskov (RUS) and he did really great. He got Excellent 1, CW, J-CAC, J-BOB, BOB and later also BIG 3! 😃
He and his handler Natalia Zuev also participated in Junior handling competition and gained 1st place.
He is really handsome boy, isn't he :D.

Some pics of him from show

He IS a very handsome boy - congratulations on the fine showing!

WTG, he looks wonderful!

Yeay! Congrats! He looks great!

Wow Irena, he looks great!!!!

Thanks, I believe his owner is satisfied with him :).

Congratulations Cuby

Well done Irena, Cuby & of course his owner Aleksandra:D

Congratulations, he is a lovely boy.

Congratulations to a very handsome young man (and of course to his handler).

Well, today Cuby repeated his last success and gained CW, J-CAC, BOB and BIG 3 :D.
He was the one I would keep at home if I could and now I can see I had a good nose for him :).

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