Basenji 101
First Basenji's

I was just alerted to an upcoming episode on Animal Planet's Dogs 101, in which the Basenji will be spotlighted:

Currently scheduled to air on October 2nd.

I don't have a television, so I hope they'll upload the clip soon. Do we know any forum members who will have their dog(s) on the show?

One of the Basenjis that will be on belongs to Laurie Gilchrist, Tammen Basenjis in Maryland.


Thanks for the info, will look for it.

Marking it down in my calendar!

Finally! I watch that show all the time and have been waiting forever for them to do Basenji's πŸ˜ƒ


Finally! I watch that show all the time and have been waiting forever for them to do Basenji's πŸ˜ƒ

I am just waiting for Cesar Millan to do a show with a basenji in it. Guess it won't happend because lots of Cesar's methods probably wouldn't work with a basenji.

Thanks for the info. I will have to DVR it. I try to catch it when I can but it comes on Saturday here and college football takes precident in our household. πŸ™‚

On the commercial they show a banjo, chortling for a quick second

Basenji not a banjo !!!!:mad:

I actually wrote a comment on Cesar Millan,s newsletter but never got an answer asking wether he had any experience with basenjis because I thought the same thing, I don't think all his methods would work on basenjis

I am actually dreading this. Basenji's have such a undeserving bad rep, and I would hate to see it strengthened with a bad 101 video.


Marking it down in my calendar!

I checked Animal Planet's listings for the show, and cannot find that basenjis are going to be on. But I did the checking using the 'guide' feature on my TIVO type unit. Maybe the info is not up to date there. Will check the animal planet website.

Found it! I think the info on my TIVO guide just did not list all the breeds, and being a basenji lover, I was hoping the whole show was going to be on basenjis. Ah well, you take what you can get. πŸ™‚

Is Dogs 101 pretty much a redo of Breed All About it? I found the old video they had of basenji I wonder how it'll differ, can't wait to see it thanks!

I hope it is accurate.
Time will tell.

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