• Well done Jess and Maya!


  • @Maya:

    Haha! Just found it on her website gallery!!

    Maya looks like one very unhappy basenji. She just hates my mum 😃

    Your poor mum 😃 She was racing around showing Pugs and Maya who were on at the same time!

    I see the pic was taken at Bournemouth, she doesn't have that show on her events list, a shame she might have other pics. I will have to ask her!

  • Congrats Jess & Maya:D

  • Yeah, i remember her ringing me very stressed as Maya was being a handful and refusing to walk anywhere with her and being stroppy (hating my mum AND her coming into season was probably not a good mix) and the pugs are just hard work anyway! lol

    I do wish the photographers would tell you when they take pics, i would have bought that one just to wind my mum up 😃

  • @basi:

    Congrats Jess & Maya:D

    Thank you! 😃

    It was all me though, Maya did nuffink 😃

  • well done Maya, they Northern rosettes are really something - i have to be honest and say that i dont usually keep rosettes, but when they are specials like those then i make an exception.

  • Congratulations Maya and Jess

  • Congratulations to Maya - I did give her a big clap when the rosettes were awarded at the show. I wondered why you weren't there! Well done!

  • Yeah it was a shame we didnt get to have a proper presentation of those lovely rosettes 😞 We decided to skip the show as the judge had judged her previously and booted her lol. And also we had an open show the same day with basenji classes, run by our local club, so decided to support that 😃

    I usually donate any rosettes back to the organisers for the next show, but these are staying put! And out of reach of Maya who thinks they are wonderful to chew…!!!

  • Congratulations! She's a very lovely girl.

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