Can't help but love me!

Over the weekend we had a family party at my parents house. Sonny loves a house full of peolpe. He goes seeking all the love & cuddles he can from anyone sitting down. Even when it came to the one person who is just not an animal lover..Sonny would not take no for an answer.

Sonny's favorite lap…grandma's! ;):)

BRILLIANT photos!! just love how he is trying to get in that last bit, whether he wanted it or not!!

LOL! The guy's trying to block Sonny with a pillow and it's not working. :D:D:D

Fabulous pics to show the Basenji intention!

Great pictures handsome B.

Rita Jean

Love the pictures! It just goes to show you that when a basenji wants something he just does whatever he can do to get it. So determined.

How can someone not love a b like this??? Great photos.

Typical Basenji - go where the comfort lies!

Nice pictures - beautiful brindle dog.

Grin, I love the look on his face in the first photo.

ROFLMAO, wonderful pictures! Did he warm up to Sonny?

I am allergic to cats … they always want me, lol. But at least I like them, just don't want asthma attack!

First Basenji's

Bisa LOVES to cuddle underneath a blanket! She will paw the threads out of one to get under it with you! LOL

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