• I have been looking for a reputable breeder in the Indiana area for quite some time now, but haven't had much luck. I have been a Basenji lover for years, and the time has come to finally adopt one!

    I live in Lafayette, Indiana, but am willing to drive a reasonable distance. I am interested in a female brindle or r/w puppy from a breeder in my area. I hope someone can help me find her 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Have you tried the BCOA-Basenji Club of America website at www.basenji.org?

    On the first page under Discover, there is a link for Finding a Basenji and this will bring up a breeder directory and the breeders are listed by state.

    Since you are in Lafayette, I would also suggest the Chicago and SE WI area. There are also breeders in OH.


  • Not sure if you realize, but basenji puppies are usually born in the winter, so you might have trouble finding a puppy right now in your area unless someone had a summer litter. But now would be an excellent time to get on a waiting list for a winter pup.

    As Jennifer said, a great place to start is the BCOA website - basenji.org

  • Mariah's Basenjis thats where I got Kahirah, she is located in Indianapolis.

  • I definitely recommend sending an email to some of the breeders listed on the BCOA website, most litters will be born Dec-Jan and have already taken reservations for their fall breedings. I have a pup reserved for this yr, and I put in my request a month ago, now to hope there are enough to go around for all the reservations.

  • Thanks so much for your recommendations. I have become a member of BRAT, as well as emailed several breeders on the BCOA website. I really hope I hear back soon!

    If anyone knows of any litters available now, I would be very interested! I am willing to drive about 2-3 states over to adopt!

  • Most dogs available now are 9-10 months old.

  • If you are tempted to go to puppyfind.com or a similar site, please do your homework regarding the breeder. Many of the breeders on these sites are USDA licensed and sell to the petstores in addition to the internet and do no health testing of any kind on the pups or the parents. Ask a lot of questions! Some have even bought and sold dogs via the dog auctions. Many of us can help you in regards to these breeders.


  • is your name really Al McNeil? I'm a McNeill, but spelled with 2 L's.

  • There are several young adult basenjis available in your area - if you are interested - if you click on my name you will be able to post a private message and I can give you the contact info for someone NOT online.

  • Karla Schreiber is breeding sometime this fall, there should be reds or brindles in that litter. She's near Chicago. Although her reservation list might be full by now. I'd encourage you to call her regardless. And she might be familiar with other people breeding in the area.


  • You may also want to look at the basenji rescue group out of Indianapolis- they may have some dogs looking for forever homes.

    Or you can go to www.allofcraigs.com, and put in basenji in the search field to start your own nationwide search. Keep in mind that many people found cute puppies 4 or 5 months ago and without researching the breed, bought the puppy in the window. At this point, these families are exhausted and frustrated and sick of their bathroom trash being scattered endlessly around the home! 🙂 Perhaps they didn't read their contract, or they bought their pup from a back yard breeder or pet store and didn't have a contract. Those pups are looking for a home, and if you have the patience to help these pups, they will love you forever!

    (P.S. I found my Lola and Sophie on Craig's List, as did my sister with her boy from St Louis. ):)

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