Looking for a basenji in Texas area or somewhere close

  • I've been interested in basenjis since I learned about them last year. Now I've decided we are ready to welcome one into our home. I live 45 mins south of Houston but wouldn't mind driving a reasonable distance for a reputable breeder. I am already aware of all the genetic problems and testing that need to be done on this breed. If anyone knows of a good trustworthy breeder anywhere close to me please let me know. Im also in no rush so I wouldn't mind being added to a wait list. Thanks!

  • Hi !!!!

    I am the district coordinator for Texas- Basenji Rescue And Transport.

    I urge you to check out our rescues, and I can contact you with the rescues that arent listed on the website. I assure you there are at least 75-100 basenjis in rescue care at any given time even if they arent istedon the website yet.

    Please consider adopting a rescue today! www.basenjirescue.org.
    Fill out the adoption application to get started.


  • Alright thanks! I looked into rescues last night but I only found a few in my area. I'll go fill out an application though and see if there may be a dog near by that can join our family.

  • Brat is a wonderful group and we are all looking forward to hearing if your able to adopt a basenji from them. Please keep us posted.

  • Keep in mind that if the dog is able, we can look for volunteers to help transport the dog to you. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I'm going pick up a brand-new puppy from south Texas this Thursday! The breeder has a few puppies that have not been sold yet. She has plenty of info on her site: Dee's Basenjis

    Go to the "Puppies now available" on top. You can't have mine though 😉

  • The Basenji Club of America has a breeder directory on the website. Have you checked there yet?

  • http://deesbasenjis.tripod.com/d/
    Check out Dee's Basenjis she's top of the line.

  • Please look into a higher quality food. The breeder feeds Pedigree. You can compare foods at this website. They rate dog foods based on a star system ranging from 1 to 6 (best). Pedigree is a 1 star food. There are better choices that these puppies should be fed.

  • Jayden is one of Deesbasenjis. He was a year old 31st of Dec and I got him in March. Dee is really nice lady and Jayden great puppy into everything but good. Had trouble with him and the kennel did not like sleeping in it but in time that went away. I flew from Kansas to Texas and Dee drove and brought me Jayden to the airport super nice of her. I seen the other day she had one male red and white left. Let me know if you get one.

    Rita Jean

  • Good luck in your search for you basenji I love this breed and I hope you find the perfect dog for your home.

  • @bbozer:

    My name is Braden and I have an available litter of puppies in Arlington, Tx. This is my first litter so I am not sure if I would fall under the reliable breeder title that you are looking for. But I have a post that you can look at on my available puppies and parents history under Basenji puppies available Arlington, Texas. Good luck in your search for you basenji I love this breed and I hope you find the perfect dog for your home.

    A litter that you apparently haven't had health tested…

  • Braden, have you done any health testing on the sire/dam?

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