9 years old, Black & White
    He's wearing a collar
    Location: NE Portland ~ 152nd Glisan/Halsey Street

    He escaped from a yard on the evening of 8/14 Please call 503-705-7348 or 503-267-1747 if found.

  • Hope he's found quickly - it's pretty hot out there is you don't have any water.

  • First Basenji's

    I noticed the ad was deleted by the author… was he found?
    I sure hope so!

  • @crystalncody:

    I noticed the ad was deleted by the author… was he found?
    I sure hope so!

    Listing is still there?

  • Stuart has not been found yet.

    I met up with the dog's owner and the Search & Rescue dog they hired after they conducted their search this morning and gave them a ride back to their home. They saw signs of him, tracks & poop. Their search led them to an area not more than a 1/4 mile from my house - if only Stuart had stopped by for a visit! 😞

    Good news is they didn't find the dog deceased, and he is in an area where there are many ponds, lakes and streams so he should be able to keep himself hydrated in these days of 90+ weather we have been having.

    They now have some specific areas they can post flyers and talk to residents and business owners.

    All local shelters, vet offices, and even the police have been notified and are keeping a look out.

    New posting can be found here - http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pet/1902915916.html

    They are also running an ad in our local newspapers

  • STUART the lost basenji has been FOUND!!! He is at the emergency vet, injured but stable - his owner is on his way to see him and find out what he can about his adventure - PHEW! Thanks to everyone who helped, now to take down the 1,000 flyers we posted!

  • Yea!!!!!!!!!!
    Do let us know how this boy is doing…

  • First Basenji's

    Yay! That's great!

  • Houston

    So happy to hear this…hope he pulls through with flying colors. Keep us posted if you can.

  • Superb - so good to hear this news!

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