Lost brindle b in Seattle area

  • Please forward this to anyone you know who lives or works in the Interlaken/Montlake/Capital Hill/Arboretum areas of Seattle. They or their friends may hear of someone who found a Basenji. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.

    Sammy escaped from the home of his owners, Sean Walsh and Alice Hauschka, on 1808 E. McGraw St. in Seattle this afternoon about 4:30pm. He was sighted shortly after at Montlake Playground, a large park a couple blocks from his house where he goes every day on his walks. Apparently a young couple had seen him running around and coaxed him into their SUV. They asked a few people if they knew who he belonged to before they drove out of the park.

    Alice has posted fliers all over the area and contacted the shelters. So far there has been no response. She will continue that tomorrow as well as contacting veterinary clinics, pet stores, and other people and places that might generate a sighting or additional information.

    Here's a description:

    Name: Sammy (Baraka Jumoke Salish Samish)
    Color and Markings: Deep Brindle, full white collar, full white stocking on left foreleg and half-height white stockings on the other three legs, symmetrical white on muzzle.
    DOB: 10/01/2009 - 7 months old (appears full-grown or nearly so)
    No Microchip (yet)
    Was wearing a collar

    Here is a link to some not very recent pictures on our website. (I will send more recent pictures when I have them from the owners.)


    Any sightings or information about Sammy's whereabouts should be sent to:

    Alice Hauschka
    Cell: 206-604-3389
    Email: alicesean@earthlink.net

    Of course, we would also appreciate hearing anything as well.

    Thanks for your help,

    Bill Bowlus-Root
    Baraka Basenji

  • I emailed this to all my Seattle friends.

    I bet he comes home today!!!!!

  • Thank you. A friend saw an ad very little info about a med sized dog found in the area he was picked up. That was on Craigslist. As I am very leary about this..after the murders in our area due to a craigslist ad, I posted to them, but am not holding out much hope. It would be nice if this is infact this boy…

  • Hi All,

    We are happy to let you know that Sam was found yesterday afternoon and we just got the call from the people who found him. We are so grateful to the broader basenji community to whom Bill and Paul sent their message. It turns out that one of you–Sharon, I think--saw a Craig's List posting and sent that info to another of you, who called us, and eventually we connected the dots between our Craig's List posts. (We had posted under the PETS category, and they had posted under Lost and Found category). At any rate, We are very thankful to have Sam back, and for all your help!


  • Wonderful news Sharron!!

  • I have to share, once he was known to be back home, one of my friends from my all breed rescue club, who knows, b's..said, NO one in their right mind would STEAL a basenji.
    I said, they might steal on, but they wouldn't keep it long!
    Only us crazy basenji folks can enjoy these quirky dogs…IMO.

  • Houston

    I just saw it through BRAT…great news indeed..

  • Amy Adams is the true hero, she saw the Craigs list ad and sent it to me.

  • How come they didn't have any ID tags on his collar?

  • I think the more important thing is to have them ID chipped. I don't keep collars on mine at home, so if they were to get out, they would have have collars with ID's… but they are chipped (before chips, tattoos)...

  • Mine don't wear collars at home either. All 3 of mine are chipped and I have their chip scanned each year at their annual exam to make sure it hasn't moved and is still readable.

  • He should have been chipped…at least...My 2 don't wear collars at home either, but they are chipped.

  • @tanza:

    I think the more important thing is to have them ID chipped. I don't keep collars on mine at home, so if they were to get out, they would have have collars with ID's… but they are chipped (before chips, tattoos)...

    I had to sign an agreement with Medfly to always keep Buddy's collar on with ID tags. You see he slipped out last Oct, was chipped but I did not have his collar on. Karen at Medfly was none too happy. In the past I never had my last 2 wear their collars in the house either and never had any problem because if they got out they never left the front of the house.

  • Mine stopped wearing collars at home when Zest got her lower jaw caught in the malinois' collar twice in the span of about 2 month. I thought the first time was a fluke.

  • My old basenji got her tag stuck between board on the deck. I found her with her head and neck down, and she couldn't move.
    I took the tags/collars off when they are home.

  • I am so glad this dog is home safe and sound. How lovely of that young couple to scoop him up and keep him safe, far better than to be running around in traffic. All's well that ends well.

  • Yay! What a great ending to this thread. Just knowing that basenji has not been hurt and is back with his family has made a part of my day just a little bit brighter!

  • I'm glad Alice found her dog, too! There is another lost girl in Worcester Mass who's mom is desperate to find her- missing since April 30th. Her posting is at http://worcester.craigslist.org/laf/1720999951.html.

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