• Subject: Basenji Christmas Cards

    Last year when my greeting card designer friend, JP, offered to create Basenji greeting cards as a fundraiser for BRAT, we also got a lot of requests for a set of Basenji holiday – primarily Christmas -- cards. JP contacted me earlier this week to let me know that he is willing to do a set of Basenji Christmas cards. But the time to do them is now he explained, in order to have time to gather photos, design the cards, get them to press, and back in time to be available for sale beginning in Sept/Oct.

    So if there is still enough interest, we'll get started. To do that, we'll need folks to send us their full-size (4x6, 5x7), high-resolution (medium image quality setting or higher on digital cameras, min. 300 dpi) holiday photos from which JP will select a set of 8 for the Christmas cards. Also, please indicate if you have a preference for blank cards or cards with seasonal greetings inside so we can see where the greatest interest lies.


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