2 b's drumped at shelter, one eye b to rescue

  • What a weekend.
    I had a contact of a woman who's friend had 3 b's from outside Wa state.
    Wants to rehome them.
    I said, oh, let me help rehome them through BRAT.
    Next post..ok, Took the 2 down to our local shelter and will keep the one eye'd one for you to p/u this weekend.
    So, I make 2 trips down to our shelter which I think is a wonderful place, but just not for b's and they will not turn them over to me…but will take all the info I have to give them. Again, great shelter but they need $$ as well.
    I get home, start sending e-mails to folks who wanted b's but have not yet found one..
    Yea!:) one lady who was very picky drove 2 hr's one way to adopt the pair.
    She will have to go back fri to pick them up as they needed to be fixed...but
    wonderful...they will not go to a family who expects to get a spaniel
    Now I will find out more about Mr one eye and try to find him a forever home.
    Let me say, these 3 dogs are young, one year and intact...and this shelter
    not only vets, fixes but microchips the dogs.
    But I am glad they have a home who wants to learn about b's...

  • Wow, great job Sharron!

  • Sharron,
    Are these from that BYB in your area that keeps breeding and selling up there, do you think?… got the dogs I think first from Cortez?

  • Houston

    Sharron, good work, What a weekend..I am glad that you have two promised a forever home..and one to go.
    I am getting a new foster on tuesday, I am actually driving 3 hours each way to pick her up and then come back home again, all before 3:30 so I am in time to pick my daughter up from school, yikes.
    We are excited as we have missed Bana tremendously, our last foster.
    This little female has no name yet, so we are working hard on coming up with some original names that are easy to pronounce and all, so no Lemonyellows or Mosmoking, yet something original…LOL. We will let you know as soon as we have her here..
    Again, good work Sharron, you are a jewel..

  • Re the breeders. I don't know yet, but Pat, if I find out, I will share it with you privately.
    RE the dogs in the shelter, I was so upset I had to leave them there…but I was so happy they are going to a home who will help them be the b's they can be.
    So, it was an up and down weekend.
    Hugs for all of you that put yourselves out to help dogs in need, but it home visits, fostering or transporting.
    No rescue group can do anything without you all to help...in any way you can.

  • Good job, Sharron.

  • Many thanks to you Sharron for your hard work.

  • I want to thank Jason for doing the driving for his little b that needed help.
    It takes a village.

  • Sorry about your weekend but a HUGH THANK YOU for all you do each and every day. So nice to know that they get another chance at life and a home. I also say thank you to all of you that help.

    Rita Jean

  • Rita Jean, I am 58 and it took me 20 yrs to find out that helping dogs, was my "thing".
    It really is something I want to do full time when I retire.
    If I can, that is my goal.
    Thanks for the nice note

  • We use to help the akita resuce from cleaning to walking to bathing to feeding what ever they needed we did it for years. We have taken in a few off the street over years. Rot that was so sweet, ****er she was a love, Pom we still have my sons dog he is a love but barks and barks no stopping him but o well. We kept a shibu for little over a month and I do not know how many cats we had and placed in homes. I love cats but dogs are my cup tea I wish we lived were I could have any and all that want.

    Thanks to you again Sharon and people out there like you maybe some day I can do more.

    Rita Jean

  • Rita Jean, thank you for helping the animals you did. We all do what we can. This forum has just the very best folks on it!

  • Sharon, I wouldn't have my precious little Hunter if it weren't for BRAT. Thanks for helping my b find me! I hope you can find Tally a new forever home soon. She looks like a sweetheart!:p

  • "One Eyed Jack" (OK really it's Congo) is with me and now and doing great. Pictures available HERE

  • how does congo feel about cats??? 🙂
    my daughter wants a b for her college graduation gift. her roomie has a cat. We are watching BRAT for the perfect friend for her. We have plenty of time. she comes home on
    weekends when she can and boy does she miss our boys.

  • @jonny:

    how does congo feel about cats??? 🙂
    my daughter wants a b for her college graduation gift. her roomie has a cat. We are watching BRAT for the perfect friend for her. We have plenty of time. she comes home on
    weekends when she can and boy does she miss our boys.

    He's fine with cats. Sharron tested him with a cat he didn't know and he went up and sniffed, was curious, no chasing pulling or screaming about the fluffy thing 🙂

  • Houston

    He is so pretty, I just love his color..he would make a college girl very happy..

  • He is a very sweet gentle boy. He needs a house that has a young b for him to play with and owners who are very kind.
    Its interesting…the person who placed him said he was a "blue" basenji...well, with his coloration, he does look "blueish" in some lights.
    But just a very sweet boy.
    Andrea is a jewel to be fostering him.

  • He looks like he has a great personality.:)

    I love his "wink" too! He will find a special forever home quickly!

    Thanks for the pics!

  • He is just a joy! I wanted to take him home myself! What a sweet boy. He is getting fixed on fri, and I will let you know when we have found a home for him.
    I took him 200 miles in the car and he was crated…not one peep...
    Someone will hit the jackpot with him!

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