More B's on Petfinder: Mix in Texas and purebred in HI


    This girl looks like she may be Basenji/Shiba, but regardless, she is too cute! I love how happy and comfortable she seems, even in the shelter. She strikes me as special. I hope she finds a good home soon!

    These guys are in HI. Only see pics of the R&W, no pics of the tri.


  • Thank you for this post. I know the Texas folks have their hands full with pb b's…but will share this with the BRAT basenji mix person, and maybe she will post him to the BRAT site.
    I will also contact the BRAT person in Hawaii to share the second post.
    THANK you for posting these dogs.
    I will share what you sent to those in BRAT who might be able to help.

  • The Texas girl could be pure Basenji. Hard to tell from the pics.

    I am fairly new in BRAT, so I still haven't learned who to contact for what yet, but I am the new screener for Indiana, so I will learn more soon!


  • Nicole, post to me off forum for more info re BRAT.

  • The more I look at the photos, the more I think that the girl in Texas might be purebred.


  • In my humble opinion this is a pure basenji. Her muzzle looks quite short and this might make you think that she could have Shiba in her but I don't think so.

    I find it so hard to see so many basenjis in rescue kennels but I also assume that homes are fairly easy to find. I have just had a case of a Basenji here in a rescue kennel. Usually we try to get them to place them in our specialist Basenji rescue but this dog was quickly homed. Sadly some rescue kennels here are quite anti breeder and won't take any advice from a breeder even if they are not acquainted with the breed. In this case I am trying to persuade them to take my phone number in case the new owner has specific Basenji questions but its taking a lot of persuading!!!!

    I do hope these dogs soon get a loving home.

  • Patty, doing rescue, its sometimes hard to tell if a dog is P/B or not.
    Getting a dog a home, totally p/b or not, is a very good thing all the way around.

  • Sharron, as I've said before, I praise God for people such as yourselves and as you say what does it matter what he/she is as long as you find a good home.

  • Thanks Patty, I do rescue because I love this breed…and I am happy when I can match a dog and new home..makes me feel like a millon $$.

  • Does anyone know if BRAT was able to help with these guys?

    The Texas girl's listing is removed.


  • I have not heard, but will try to contact someone in HI to see if they have any news.

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