MI puppymill Foreclosed b's/puppies

  • Sharron, if you hear of things changing, let me know. I doubt I can foster, until my living situation changes (but you never know). However I can do home visits and transports as needed.

  • Will do…thanks for the offer. Did you go to the brat site and sign up for a stationmaster?
    That way, when some basenji in your area needs help, they can contact you directly.

  • Yes, years ago and did a home visit back then. But I do need to change my address, how can I do that? Is there a way to make sure I'm still in the system? I've been on some of the group lists. Now that I'm not in the boonies anymore I might be of more help. lol

  • Go back to the BRAT site and redo your stationmaster ap with the updated info.
    They should get back to you shortly.
    THANK you for the offer of help.

  • If you are still interested in fostering I have two, male and female brother and sister that are about 14 weeks old that need foster and possible placement.

  • This mill closed over 6 months ago. How can you have 14 week old puppies from it?

  • Sorry got on the thread and miss placed my information just
    wanting to know if anyone is looking for some pups I have
    two mixed Basenji I am trying to find homes for.

  • Jo Jo

    I will be in Alabama in July, I am searching for a male B. Please help me. Marlo

  • You are going to be in Alabama, from?

    My email is cabrerajo@msn.com

  • So I can send you pictures

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