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Thanks so much. I'll try it right now.

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I read something about making a collar to keep your dog away from its stiches. My girl was just spayed and is home with a big cone collar. She looks so upset by it that I can't stand to put it on her, but I'm afraid to leave her alone. She stops licking as soon as I comment, but I feel like I'm going crazy just watching her constantly, even though she is completely adorable.

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I'm curious how your German Shorthair will welcome the new puppy. When our first dog was two years old, we brought home our girl at eight weeks old. We purchased smaller nyla bones, a smaller dog dish and a little bed. Well, our older dog let her have the larger size of everything and was perfectly happy to chew away on the little bone and eat out of the little dish. He even squeezed into her little bed and let her have his. They were great friends and seemed to love the company. Now were thinking about a new puppy for our older dog.
Best of Luck!

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This picture is of our male Cahootz at Christmas. He's just about twelve, still loves to run like crazy and snooze in the sun.

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Hi, I couldn't find another post about the Florida rescues. Could you tell me some more? I heard something about Bsnjis coming through Florida soon, but I'd love more info. Thanks

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I'm glad to have found your forum. We've been owners for a while, but recently lost our beautiful female. We've been trying to push through so our kids don't get too upset, but our male is freaking out. They were completely bonded and we're considering adopting an older lady. We're basically looking for information to help ease the introduction process. It's been great reading about all the love of the basenji breed. I also love all the pictures!

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