MI puppymill Foreclosed b's/puppies

  • Subject: MI Breeder-Would anyone know?-Foreclosed Breeder-150+Dogs:eek:
    THIS is from other list

    It appears there are 3 adult Bs and some B pups included. This was forwarded to me and to BRAT. The market must be really bad for breeders. I have heard stories about some breeds of dogs at auctions this Fall going for practically nothing, almost giving them away.



    Jennifer Hill

  • There are also adults and bred adults on puppyfind.com for sale too

  • I do think BRAT has no way to absorb all the dogs that are coming from puppymills.
    this is my opinion I have not asked the BRAT folks if they can. I do so know they TRY!
    BUT folks who have time and can help, should.
    No rescue group can do it all.
    Again, if your just going to post to bash me or BRAT, please don't, lets focus on these dogs and puppies who need to get into a HOME.

  • I don't think anyone is going to "bash" BRAT… the posts about BRAT were about "some" of the requirements for adoption, some of their health testing procedures and that some people that have tried to adopt never got a response to their applications .... not just running in and picking up dogs and/or buying them. And I am fully in line with BRAT and NOT buying dogs unless under extreme circumstances.
    My post was to alert that it is not just PM's going out of business and giving their dogs to a rescue group/shelter, but that there are people that were what I would consider BYB's that are now trying to get out of the business and advertising on website like Puppyfind.com and Nextdaypets.com trying to sell breeding stock.
    You are totally correct, one group can't do it all... and it seems we are going to be in "overload" with BYB breeding stock and their puppies due to the current financial situations.

  • How I wish I was closer to MI or could get one shipped to me! That would be a dream, I would love to have one and give it a great home. But, alas I do live all the way in FL. I do hope that they all find great homes. And goodluck to BRAT and everyone trying to take in as many as they can and getting them the help and love they need.

  • Sharron, how do we get a hold of Jennifer? I need to talk to my Ernie but maybe. We have 2 fosters now, but one may be adopted soon.

  • Of course I will pay. Please let me know.


    Brian Moore
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Your speaking of Jennifer Hill?

  • I spoke with Liz and she said that when they called the mill back there weren't anymore basenjis

  • No more Basenjis? Aww I just filled out the form. I would have been happy to at least foster. I hope they all found good homes!

  • Please let me know if there are still Michigan b's who need homes. My folks are back in MI and lost their min pin a few months ago.

  • Sharron, if you hear of things changing, let me know. I doubt I can foster, until my living situation changes (but you never know). However I can do home visits and transports as needed.

  • Will do…thanks for the offer. Did you go to the brat site and sign up for a stationmaster?
    That way, when some basenji in your area needs help, they can contact you directly.

  • Yes, years ago and did a home visit back then. But I do need to change my address, how can I do that? Is there a way to make sure I'm still in the system? I've been on some of the group lists. Now that I'm not in the boonies anymore I might be of more help. lol

  • Go back to the BRAT site and redo your stationmaster ap with the updated info.
    They should get back to you shortly.
    THANK you for the offer of help.

  • If you are still interested in fostering I have two, male and female brother and sister that are about 14 weeks old that need foster and possible placement.

  • This mill closed over 6 months ago. How can you have 14 week old puppies from it?

  • Sorry got on the thread and miss placed my information just
    wanting to know if anyone is looking for some pups I have
    two mixed Basenji I am trying to find homes for.

  • Jo Jo

    I will be in Alabama in July, I am searching for a male B. Please help me. Marlo

  • You are going to be in Alabama, from?

    My email is cabrerajo@msn.com

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