Isabel's Pups: The sweet li'l seven

This momma is real laid back, and her pups are cute, and curious.

"I am as sweet as I look."

Puppy Piles w/ Mom

AAAwwwwwwwww I just love the pictures… they are soooo precious.

These babies are just too cute. three cheers for you guys who braved the cold to give them a good future.

The precious babies and Momma! So happy they all have a brighter future in store for them. Kudos to you for the rescue!

Basenji Mix

Would be nice to take one of these home too. Just love 'em! I'm so glad they are rescued and safe. Bravo to you all who've been and will be proactive for the rescues.

Oh, they are so sweet. Great job…you have a big heart!

mom looks so sweet! what little loves….(sigh)

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