Free B/W 6 yr old- Dayton OH- 11/11

(This isn't my dog, I am re-posting for those looking for a free dog!)

Craigs List from Dayton Ohio can be found at:

We are giving away CHLOE who is a six year old Basenji. She is black and white. She is housebroken but has some accidents and she is a very obedient dog. I recommend that she is with a family with no kids. IF you have any questions please email us thank you. or call at 7193555615

Hmmm, has some "accidents"….. could be an early sign of Fanconi if this bitch has not been tested clear.... Just a thought

Let me know if anyone else has responded or talked with the owner or referred her to BRAT. I responded to the ad since I am in the Dayton, OH area. I asked the owner if Chloe had been tested for glucose in the urine for Fanconi Syndrome-a genetic kidney disease. She could have something as simple as a UTI though but she is the right age for developing symptoms of Fanconi.

I hope she is not intact as I hate free dog ads since someone could use her for breeding.

It has been a long time since I have seen a black & white in the Dayton area and it was a rescue in the 90s.

There was a young Fanconi affected in our local shelter who was turned in because it was having accidents. She came from a local petstore. Luckily the shelter called B rescue and Charlie D. of B.E.A.R.-Basenji Education and Rescue took her in. I believe she originally was adopted by a woman in MI but I think is now living in the Carolinas.


Jennifer, I did not contact this person, just re-posted it here.

I sent the info on to BRAT.

I am hoping to see this girl this weekend!


Jennifer, please let us know what happens!

Looks like Keith from Americas Basenji Rescue - is taking this girl next weekend.

First Basenji's

I'm so glad to hear she'll be going to someone who will put her in the right home.

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