MN-Minneapolis/Forest Lake-6 Yr. Old PB Tri Female-On Craigslist

  • This girl supposedly has an attitude problem-gets nasty and tries to bite. She does not like children. She needs to be the only dog and have room to run and have very understanding people (owners). She is very funny and loving. She is asking $50 for her. No mention in the ad of spaying, vaccines, etc. Forest Lake is 30 miles NE of Minneapolis.

    This girl could have untreated low thyroid and she is at the average of showing symptoms of Fanconi. She also could be developing eyesight problems.

    Is there anyone in the area who could contact the owner and ask some health questions and also find out who the breeder is?

    Here is the ad:


  • poor misunderstood trying girl. i hope she finds someone better suited for her.

  • I left a message - when I find out more about this girl I'll post.

  • No reply to my request for more information. Maybe something fishy (as in they don't want to disclose something) about this one?

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