New RN for Xander

Our Rally time went by too quickly, we had a great deal of fun earning Xanders Rally Novice. Trog is entered in a trial over labor day, so now I can concentrate of working with him in prep for his turn in the ring. Now just the last whippet to start training, then on to Rally Advanced work with all 4 of them.

Fantastic…congrats to you and Xander! Love the photo!

Thank you, we were entered tomorrow too, but as its so brutally hot at 110 and humid, I'm glad we can stay home. If it had been cooler I would have gone back for more practice, as he get such a kick out of doing his little sits for me. He is all wiggly when we come out of the ring.

Congratulations! He looks stunning with his ribbon. He KNOWS it, doesn't he!

Congratulations to Xander, what a proud boy with his rosette.

Congrats… that is super


Congrats Xander and to you too..he looks smashing in his ribbon.

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