• Our club hosted an AKC trial in Shawnee, OK. Great weather, and a very hilly, challenging course. Xander earned 6 points for the weekend and his LCX, Trog earned one LCX point on Sunday and our whippet girl finished 2/3 for the weekend.

    Gambit spent the weekend charming everyone and gave serious basenji stink eye to the saluki puppy who stole the dehydrated chicken treat out of her mouth.

    Next weekend is Rogers, AR, only running the basenjis Saturday as they need a bit of a rest on the 3rd straight weekend of coursing. The whippets, however are ready to run.

  • Wow, excellent results! Congratulations! I love your comment about the 'stink eye'. That is such a great description of a pissed off basenji.

  • Great…what fun for the dogs and humans.

  • I believe she was asking his big brother the next day where that puppy went with her chicken.

  • Thats a really cool description about the saluki! My wife says that our Nahla looks at her and makes serious eye contact when she wants something!

  • LOL very cute and congrats. BAD SALUKI!

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