• I have recently moved from Florida to Maryland. In Florida there were not any scheduled lure coursing events. Well now I checked the DC metro area & there are several in Leesburg, VA, about an hour or so from my current residence.

    Can I just show up to those events?

    Dallas is still only 5.5 months old but I remember someone mentioned bringing them as pups since they run trial courses for all dogs?

    So basically if I see on the ASFA schedule that they are holding an All breed trial in Leesburg on May 31st, can just show up & let Dallas get some running in without any competing?

    Eventually I'd like for him to compete but obviously when he is old enough…

    Any info would be very helpful & appreciated 🙂

  • Yes, you can just show up. Bringing youngsers out is a good idea to get them used to the sights and sounds of a trial so they are used to it when they are old enough to compete. Most clubs allow people to practice their dogs after the event but it differs club to club. There is usually a contact listed for each club on the ASFA website and you can contact them and see if they are going to do practices and when they think they might get to them so you can come a couple of hours before hand to get Dallas some socialization without letting him or you get too tired.

  • Do you have any information on the one on May 31st? I'd be interested in going… 🙂

  • http://www.asfa.org/

    Go there & click on the events tab. It lists all the upcoming events & shows that there are trials in Leesburg on the 31st & 1st 🙂

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