• Today we headed out for some NOTRA racing. It was a beautiful day! Miss Sophie needs some more muzzle training but I think she is going to have a lot of fun once she starts to ignore the muzzle. Rally also needs some more muzzle training but did alright and is starting to actually beat other dogs instead of just fussing with her muzzle.

    Rio and Cole both completed their JOR, Junior Oval Racer titles today and Rio picked up one ORC, Oval Racing Champion, point bringing her to 4.5 points out of the 12 she needs. The Junior Oval Racer title is equivalent to an AKC Senior Courser title. It requires a dog to complete all 3 programs of 4 race meets. Rio also picked up another leg toward her SOR, Senior Oval Racer, which is a challenging title because it requires a dog to place in the top 50% of racers at 6 race meets.

    My mom's boy Levi picked up 3 points towards his ORC and needs only 3 more points to finish his championship. Barb Sauceda's girl Nestle picked up 3 points and finished her ORC so over all a big day for everyone!

  • Congrats to all! 🙂

  • It sounds like a good time was had by all! Congrats!

  • Congratulations to you all!!!!

  • how exciting! congrats!

  • I love to see the hounds run.
    The photos some folk post, with the dogs feet off the ground..priceless.
    Can't wait to hear about your dogs runs.

  • What a fabulous weekend! Congratulations!

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