• We have had a busy few weeks recently. After last weekends BCONC trials, I decided I should check to see where mine were towards their title. It turns out that Rally completed her Master Courser title last Sunday and was only 4 points shy of her LCM. So this weekend we went and did some ASFA coursing and pending confirmation she nabbed enough points to finish her LCM. This makes Rally, DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, JOR.

    Sophie took BOB on Saturday earning 16 points and was second Sunday for 6points meaning she now only needs 4 points to finish her ASFA Field Championship, there is no more ASFA until January so she will have to wait a bit.

  • Way to go Lisa, that's awesome! Big hugs for Ms. Rally!

  • Wow - congratulations! Woo hoo!

  • Congrats! So are there coursing event year round on the West Coast? Seems like we only have spring to the mid fall in the Midwest. Of course, the weather here is not quite as nice.

  • Congrats!! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Yay! It takes 25 qualifying scores for the MC right?

  • Yes, there is coursing year round on the West Coast.

    An MC requires 25 qualifying scores in AKC lure trials.

    A LCM requires 300 points and 4 competitive firsts from the Field Champion Stake in ASFA.

  • We are very lucky in Northern California to have some really great photographers. Last weekend, Dave Mills was at the lure trials snapping some shots of the dogs as they ran.

    At soon to be 8 years old, Rally, my new MC, LCM, can still fly!


    Nicky, who was 1 week shy of 11 years old on the day this photo was taken can also still fly! He will be 11 on Saturday, his pups will be 7 weeks.


  • Is there any place in Michigan that you can do coursing?

  • Places to look (I check all of them several times a week):


    Looks like Michigan is ASFA region 6. I don't think the region has its own website but there is a yahoo list. You can also bookmark all the clubs in your area and check their websites regularly.

    For example, the Michigan Gazehound Association http://www.dogezone.com/mga.htm

    The AKC also has coursing events:
    There appears to be a coursing field in Manchester, MI, as all of the future AKC trials are located there.

  • Michigan Gazehound Assn, MGA
    Region 6, Member
    Jack Helder
    Williamston, MI 48895

    Here is a coursing club in Michigan, probably a good place to get information about upcoming coursing events.

  • Congrats!!!!! great pics…. I always love seeing the dogs coursing.

  • Raye, I think we've talked before??? We have a few lure trials in Michigan each year. Everyone's already posted the websites to watch where you can get detailed info. But basically the Ridgeback club puts on two AKC trials a year, one in the spring (April I think) and another in fall. (September?) Those are held in Manchester. Then Michigan Gazehound Assoc. holds 3 ASFA trials. May and October are in Gibraltar at Erie Metropark, and July is in Metamora. There are also a couple of clubs within reasonable distance in Ohio. There are trials in the Dayton area and Cleveland area. Once in a great while you'll hear of someone holding a practice at their farm but there really isn't a way to do much practicing except on Saturday afternoons at the trials. A training center in Ann Arbor occasionally holds practices, but I don't know if they even had any this year. Also there are race meets in the Cleveland area and those are a ton of fun too! I believe they have Whippet only races in MI, but they may allow other breeds to practice afterwards.

    I would be happy to help you with any coursing info you need or if you want to keep in touch to find out more about these trials. I know my gang can't wait for spring!

  • @Rivermoon:

    Congrats!!!!! great pics…. I always love seeing the dogs coursing.

    Thanks and Apache looks great on the cover of the new issue of The Basenji.

  • Thanks!!!! I got lucky with that shot!

  • Yes, that was a wonderful pic…

  • Thanks Pat… I laid in wait for that shot...he always jumps there when he's chasing Chey.

    Lisa...Kudos to both your pups...but especially Nikki!

    I really want to try coursing with both Chey and Apache...but I have some things to work on with both dogs first.

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