New Field Champion

Sophie finished her ASFA field championship this weekend and earned her first qualifying first place toward her LCM. Sophie is now FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, FCh, JOR. Sophie is co-bred and co-owned with Pat Fragassi of Tanza Basenjis. She is half Avongara sired by Bev Bland's boy Avongara Cole of Brushy Run JC.

Go Sophie!

yay Sophieeeeeeeeeeeee!

Congrats Lisa, that's great! Way to go Sophie!

Congrats Lisa and Sophie…way to go!!!

Thanks. Sophie loves to run, she is just like both her parents. Right now she is going through a whopper of a false pregnancy but didn't let that get in her way of chasing those bags. She thoroughly enjoys herself out on the field and is a joy to watch.

WOO-HOO…. go Sophie.... her other "Mom" is very, very proud!!!!

Hip hip hooray! I hope that was deserving of a special treat!


Hip hip hooray! I hope that was deserving of a special treat!

LOL… only if it is a "diet" treat!!!! 😃

The ASFA standings for 2008 just posted to the website. So I guess I should add that Sophie finished the year as Number 8 basenji in ASFA followed by her mom, Rally, at Number 9 and her half sister, Rio, and half brother, Cole, both in a tie at Number 20.

Sounds like a great year for the Kinetic kids Lisa!

Yay congratulations on Sophie's new title and on the 2008 standings!

Congratulations!!!!! That's very exciting!

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