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I thought I had posted, but can't find it. I KNOW I asked about the ears not up.. but anyway…

Thanks to Brat, I have a new baby basenji from the Florida rescue. I can't thank the people there enough... she is one special wild child. I got her in May at 13 wks (she was one born in the shelter as they didn't know her mother was that far along). She got to spend almost 2 mos with my old Rottie and then we had to put him down last week when we could no longer balance keeping him out of pain but not throwing up. At 12 1/2 he was very old for a Rottweiler but I had so hoped for more time. I am so glad she got to experience a big dog with such patience.

Her ears still aren't up, but getting there. She sleeps on her back. She barks. She is both cuddly and incredibly wild. She is an absolute joy who will go to sleep in my arms and crawl into my arms to wake me up.

Cara harassing Connor the Rottie¤t=May14d2010.flv

Cara playing with Arwen¤t=5212010a.flv

First Basenji's

My condolences on Connor the rottie… you seem to be taking it in stride though, very stoic despite your loss. It must help to be accompanied by so much life from this little one.

Thanks for sharing, and please keep them coming. I'm fascinated by the Florida basenjis and hope more of the new adopters find their way to this forum.

stoic? Yeah, don't think so. Have cried so much my eyes are like sand paper. The logical side of me knows he was ancient for a rottie, had a super happy life… the other side misses him every day.

Condolences on your Rottie, and congratulations on your new baby. You have to laugh and cry at the same time, like rain when the sun is shining.

So sorry about your Rottie but you sure have a pretty little baby. Great videos thanks for sharing.

Rita Jean


So sorry to hear about never is easy to see them go..
The picture is adorable, Cara sounds like a love. Congrats

So sorry to hear about your Rottie - they are wonderful dogs, and I know you will miss him a long long time. Hopefully, like all basenjis, Cara will keep you very busy. She is adorable. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your adorable Cara and condolances on your loss of Connor.
He waited just long enough to welcome her.

Cara is pretty darn perfect, wild and loving. Okay perfect for me. I asked for the feistiest pup and got her. Here she is with Leora. Okay and 2nd one only basenji people will understand… it's Arwen making demonic sounds under the covers. Gosh I love Basenji noises.

Just so you know she is really bonded to Leora when not playing wild:

Big hugs to you. So sorry that you lost your rottie child. It is never easy to do the right thing. Now little Arwen can fill your life with love and craziness. BTW, Cara, in the picture above, I LOVE your blouse/shirt. The pattern and colour are really striking!

Loved the video of Cara and Arwen playing while the Rottie (Connor, I assume) watches!


Great videos! I love the demonic sounds, lol 🙂

Yes the rottie was Connor.

Well 6 mos next week and still her ears are not up. LOL I may have a defective basenji. 🙂

Happy 6 mos to my wild basenji puppy, whose ears are still not up, lol.

OMG she is going to be huge. She is over 23 pounds, not fat in ANY way, as tall as Arwen already. Maybe I should have requested "petite" instead of feisty? Nah. LOL, I adore her. I'd post a pic but am recharging my camera.

These Wimauma pups are all tall kids.

OMG Anne, ya think?

Arwen isn't a delicate flower at about 25 pounds. Cara is probably 30 nor 31 now (taking in to vet next week to weigh), and Cara is tall. She also has longer body and longer neck so when heads are up she is about half a head over Arwen. At 8 mos old I wonder if I'll have a 40 pound dog when her body matures and fills out! Okay maybe 35. 😞 Where is my petite 17 pound bitch I hoped to have one day? LOL. Oh well.

You can see more here how she towers over her:¤t=GiantCara.mp4

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