FL-Miami-Possible PB Trindle Female B-In Shelter

  • She is listed as a Bull Terrier but her head shape is more of a Basenji. Someone from Bull Terrier rescue is looking at her today. She was also pregnant and recently nursing. She is at the Miami-Dade Animal Services.

    Let me know what you think! Is there anyone in the Miami area that could take a look at her?

    Here is her Petharbor page:



  • She looks BT, not Basenji. hope BT rescue takes her.

  • Perhaps she is a cross between a Miniature BT and a Regular BT. I have never seen a shelter have as many BTs as Miami does. The rescue tries to get as many out as possible but it is extremely full. I think the last two are going to another rescue. It seems like there are too many BYBs of BTs or too many in pet stores in that area . I would think the BT community would work on getting potential buyers to buy from reputable breeders since so many come into the shelter.


  • Here is a video of her: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=513435068672896 Her tail is just a wagging and she is a happy girl!

    I was told she gets along with other dogs. If you know of a rescue in FL that could take her, please contact the shelter. Here is her Facebook photo link and there is a comment that someone could help with a hold and pull. If the link does not work she is posted on the Urgent Dogs of Miami Facebook Page and her photo is under the Urgent Boxers/Bulldogs/BullTerriers at MDAS.



  • The video wasn't very helpful until the end. I paused it at 1:35 to see her head in profile and I think she's a (badly bred) Miniature Bull Terrier.

  • I am surprised that BT Rescue in FL does not have any potential adopter(s) interested in a young female! I am glad I do not live close as I would want to bring her home although looks too active for my older Bs.


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