FL-Female B Mix in Shelter-Urgent

  • I received a note regarding this dog needing rescue. I do not know if she is still available but she is still on Petharbor.

    Here is her Petharbor page:


    Here is the info from the post:

    LOLA (A405032) 5 year old White (w/light brown patches) Basenji/Lab Mix. Lola is a petite girl, she only weighs about 30lbs the most. She is very calm and well behaved. She is housebroken; does her business outside and ready to go back in the A/C. She is most definitely an inside dog. Her kennel card states that she is not good with other dogs. But, I have spent time with her at event and outside of the shelter environment & she DID get along with all the other dogs very well.

    Lola is quite depressed at the shelter waiting and waiting for a forever home. As we know, its hard to be at the shelter especially for older dogs. Her kennel card said she may not be good with kids. It doesn't mean she isn't; please visit Lola and check for yourself. Being in a shelter for so long is hard on all the animals and its always best to meet them and make your own judgment.

    These ACPS ANIMALS ARE VACCINATED, CITY LICENSED, MICRO-CHIPPED, SPAYED/NEUTERED AND FREE TO A GOOD HOME; only $20 city license fee applies to Duval county residents. Please refer to ID # when going to shelter to adopt @ 2020 Forest Street Monday-Saturday from 10-4pm.

    PLEASE HELP THESE DOGS FIND A FOREVER HOME. Thank you for supporting your city shelter. If you have further questions about these particular dogs visit FOJA facebook, a volunteer and FOJA fan that spent time with them might be able to tell you more info if you ask! Find us on facebook: FRIENDS OF JACKSONVILLE ANIMALS


    June Beth Mason

    Rescue/Foster Coordinator JAX FLORIDA ACPS

    202o Forest St.

    Jacksonville, Florida 32204


    904-588-0050 Fax

    Please contact June above if you are able to rescue, foster or adopt one of these dogs.



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