G'day from Australia.

G'day all:D
Found your site while trying to find some info on training our 5year old Besenji cross.
Don't know with what but she is mostly B:),no currly tail though.
Inherited her after she followed the daughter home 3 years ago.
Turns out the sons mate owned her and didn't have time for her:(
We are the third owners/servants she has had.
She was spayed and microchiped(tattoo in left ear).

Looks like I have a bit of reading ahead of me to do:eek:
I hope I'll find the answer to my problem.
Although I think the nose will win over a voice command:rolleyes:

Bella does like going out in the 4WD to the bush and having a run.
A bit over her rolling in Kangaroo poo though.
She often gets mistaken for a Dingo when out and about too(it's the heritage eh).
I'll do a pic's thread soon.

Cheers Kyle.

Welcome to the forum Kyle and Bella!


Welcome to the forum…

Welcome to the forum from the UK. Bella sounds a very interesting bitch .

Welcome to you both, Kyle and Bella! Love your comment about you guys being her third set of "servants"!

Ooo welcome from one aussie to another! 🙂 Look forward to photos!

Welcome to Kyle and Bella, from another Aussie, in Tas 😃

Welcome! I'm sure you will have lots of support here.

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