• Hi everyone, I’m so glad I stumbled across this forum, it’s wonderful to read all the posts from basenji “monkeys”(😉) as passionate about their pups as I am.

    I am blessed to have Jagger, 5 years young, and our newest addition Kamali who is 16 weeks.
    Incredibly they are 5 years to the day apart. Kamali was born on Jagger’s birthday to his sister so they are uncle and niece!

    I was so worried about their introduction to each other but it’s been fantastic. Kamali screamed (and if you’ve ever heard a basenji scream that’s the only word for it) when she first saw Jagger, but within minutes they were inseparable. They are so entertaining to watch as they play and rough-house together😊

    I’ll try to put up some photos, I can’t seem to upload them...

    I look forward to sharing our adventures with you and can’t wait to hear yours😊🐕🐕

  • @jagali said in Greetings from Australia:

    I’ll try to put up some photos, I can’t seem to upload them...

    These instructions for uploading photos might help. If your system tells you that the file(s) are too large, you can reduce their size in several imaging software products (even the Windows "Paint" software can make it relatively easy). Always good to note that photos posted here may very well make their way to other sites.

  • @Jagali, It's fun to see that love for Basenji's has spread across the planet. You're gonna have fun watching your Basenjis wrestle. 😄

    This is a really good forum. It may have been a bit more active in years past from what I can tell, but spend some time combing through the sub-forums. There's a ton of great threads and posts pertaining to just about anything Basenji. I've learned much about diet and training that I didn't previously know.

    I look forward to seeing pics of your pups! if you continue to have a hard time uploading them, holler and I'll try to help!

  • Welcome! You are doubling the fun (and the craziness) with TWO Basenjis! I have one (Binti needed to be an only child but I love her with my whole heart. You might want to join Basenji Rescue and Transport website also, there is lots of interaction on there and fun pictures and you will also meet more nice people who are slaves to their Basenjis.!![alt text](0_1600552615366_BedMaking.jpg image url) This is Binti helping me make the bed!!!!

  • @jagali Its wonderful how an older Basenji will accept and bond with a puppy. We bought in Mku when Hoover's older half-brother died and she went into a decline. Utter misery ! However within a very short time they were soul-mates, he brought her back to almost puppy-hood, certainly to life-enjoyment and mischief. She taught him survival life-skills and how to gang up on Mom -

    Sadly Hoover herself left us a couple of weeks back and now I have a lonely wee Mku - I guess there is only one thing for it though . . . LOL

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