Greetings from Russia

Greetings from Russia, the city Voronezha.Ya poorly know the language and using an electronic translator. Do not be surprised no exact translation.
I live 2 Basenji Nubi and Ishmael. They and 12 months.
In the photo, my daughter, Ishmael, Nubi and Jack Russell Ira

I'm trying to deal with the management forum …
All understandable, but Avatar is not inserted

Hello and Welcome to the forum!
I can't see any picture yet..? Makes me curious!

HI! Welcome to the forum!!!

Youre not the only one, having troubles with English! 🙂

Welcome! I love that this forum is so international. Very cool.
Tell us more about your basenjis!

Here is try to insert photos. I think it will turn out! Rad warm reception!

On my dogs:
Have Ishmael Junior champion Russia, Nubi only going to participate in exhibitions.
My friend, in the nursery, born 6 wonderful kids!
This link will take you to log on to our forum and see photos.

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

12.11.2008 year Izma participate in exhibition in Moscow.(The problem with the translation of the word, at the exhibition were only BASENDZHI)
3 took pride of place. It was a great competition! We are pleased with this result.

Full name Izmy Izumrudnay Moy S Berega Oskola (Emerald Moya from shore Oskola) Oskol - the name of a river in Russia

We are happy to have you.

bienvenue from Paris !! hope you enjoy the forums. 🙂

Hello Paris! I am familiar with one French expert Basenji Christian Zhuanshiko (France).

Welcome to our pack Alexvrn! Don't worry about translations we can figure it out.
Your pups look beatiful!

Thank you! You moderator? Help me to insert avatar?


Please email the avatar to we will help you. Currently there are some issues with image uploading on the forum.


I just LOVE this picture! Beautiful!!

Welcome!:D I love the picture with the cat also!!!

Janneke bellabasenji For your photos with the cat (his name is Johnny)

Best Friends! Like to run together

Welcom to the forums. What kind of dog is that with the cat? Looks kind of like a Papillon?

beautiful pictures. Could you please tell us how you do dogshows in your country? I actually got to go to Russia about 15 years ago. Beautiful country. I think St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg was my favorite place. Breath taking!

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