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    We are new to the forum.Ok let us present our selves first it´s me Max i´m a 3 yr old neutered basenji male this is my second and thank god final family.My real name is Kasenyi Jamaari to Faraoland.Then we have the baby in the family Myran(means Ant in english)who´s 5 months old male puppy and a real pest his real name is Dipop Red´s Dancer his dad is from the US Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue.Our owner Michelle has great plans for him he´s to be a show dog she say´s.
    We live just outside Stockholm in Sweden in a house.I love it in my new family because our private slave Michelle takes us out for lot´s of walks and twice a day we go this big ex.sheep enclosure were we meet up with all our dog friends Michelle says it´s good for us keeps us friendly and well socialized and calm when at home.And hey I don´t complain I love playing and so does Myran and we´re well behaved basenjis we can be left alone for couple of hours without having to be crated.And we both sleep in Michelles bed also somthing we enjoy;))

  • Well, welcome both, Max and Myran.. (I love that… Ant)..... Who is Myran's Mom.....

  • welcome. I would love to see pictures.

  • The mum of Myran is Wazin Red Bonnie from the Wazin kennels in Sweden.Yes I will try to include some photos but I need some help from my son i´m not exactly a computer whiz to put it mildly.

    Michelle private slave of Myran&Max

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!!

  • Hi Max and Myran - Sounds like you both have lots of fun with Michelle. There lots of Basenji friends to talk about everything with. Enjoy!

  • Welcome from the B club!!

  • Finally I managed to fix my avatar so you can see what my boy´s look like.
    When you asked who´s Myrans mum I just wrote that she was from a swedish kennel.Her lineage is australian mainly dog´s from the wazazi kennels so myran is half australian and half american.

  • Hi there. My 1 1/2 year old Manning was also sired from Meisterhaus Tail of Intrigue. I just joined the forum as well. Was Myran's dam one of the Australian Imports to Meisterhaus? Welcome…glad to see one of Manning's kin here in the forum.

  • Welcome, you both sure are cute! Looking forward to see more pictures!

  • Hi
    Great to see Myrans halfbrother.No the dam is in sweden Tre or as his real name is Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue was exported to sweden in spring 2006 the buyer was the owner of the Dam.
    Tre is now aswell as an american champion also a swedish,danish and hopefully he became a german champion on june the 3rd people over here travel to other european countries to try get international champion titles.
    Tre lives in southern sweden and Myrans mum lives in western sweden.
    I myself live just outside Stockholm which is the capital of sweden.the australian lineage comes from dogs that have been imported to sweden.
    It is quite common here to import dogs as we want to broaden the breeding material also that we have very strict rules when we breed as how close related the dogs should be.
    Myran is starting this summer his show career so we have been doing klicker training so that he knows when to stand still and when to trot etc….
    He´s a wonderful pup very easily trained hasn´t chewed on anything at home doesn´t have to be crated which we rarely do here in this country except when we are visiting dog shows but I crate him every day for an hour or so ,so that he is used to it and he goes quite often to sleep in his crate I suppose he sees it as his lair;)

    michelle from stockholm

  • Good luck with the training. I can't wait to hear how he does in competition. Manning is our first basenji and as a puppy we had a wonderful experience when it came to basic training and behavior. In terms of temperament he has been as perfect as one gets with a basenji! Anyway, glad to hear things are going well. Can't wait to see pics as he grows!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum…

  • Thanks for the warm welcoming to the forum.Myran and I are of to do some ring training tomorrow.

    Regards from hot and sunny Stockholm

  • Welcome, welcome and enjoy!

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