• Hello! My girlfriend and I currently have one adopted Basenji named Sid. I posted a forum in Rescue help about our issues with Sid. I am hoping this site and everyone involved in the site will be able to help us out and we can learn from everyone's stories! I look forward to reading through most of the posts and including some of my own.

  • Houston

    Welcome to all of you. So nice to have you onboard…we love pictures..hint, hint..;):)

  • What part of Ohio are you located. I am in the Columbus Area and have 2 basenjis. Welcome to the fourm.

  • Good to have you all here on the forum with us. Please let us know how we can help you with Sid.

  • Welcome. You found a good place to get help.

  • I am in Toledo. Sid is our second basenji, we also have 3 cats of whom we adore. We are planning to bring another addition to the family more towards the middle of summer:)

  • Brat has the Fl basenji puppies who are needing homes.
    Maybe you would want to consider one of those?

  • We actually have our heart set on the french bulldog breed. I know I know, we are traitors, but all animals need loving and we are not biased 🙂

  • Sid is none-the-less…spoiled!

  • ha ha… love that pic. What a baby! My husband Darrel thought Sid was wearing a bow tie.

  • Aww, that woulda been very cute! He would probably let us put one on him! He lets me do anything to him! lol

  • He's a cutie!

  • Sid is adorable - what a cute pic.

    When my youngest basenji used to go to puppy romp, one of her favourite playmates was a french bulldog named Lola. They were best buds. 😃

  • Sid is very handsome, how about some pics of your other Basenji and 3 Cats 😉

  • What a spoiled boy! I can see he is well loved.

  • Awww, I only have the one basenji. The other basenji I spoke of is deceased a few years ago, his name was Bailey. However, the three cats I can work with!! Once our new addition comes I will be sure to keep you posted 🙂

  • I am excited to bring the Frenchie into our home. Sid seems to take well to other animals and I think a puppy will liven him up a bit! He trys to play with the cats sometimes and they just don't get it, why would they? lol

  • @basenjilover11:

    We actually have our heart set on the french bulldog breed. I know I know, we are traitors, but all animals need loving and we are not biased 🙂

    Ok 🙂
    Good name for yourself –-check
    Good looking basenji---check
    and now looking for a frenchie????---check
    1 B, 1 frenchie and 3 cats---check

    Are we the same person 😉

    I have a 6yo frenchie named phoebe.
    What a hoot. She is so sweet, but so loud (snoring and tooting and barking). But a great dog.
    The only problem we have is that my B get her running and she gets overheated and out of breath in the hotter months.
    There are a few on petfinder.

  • we actually got a frenchie pup in early march. He ennded up having severe heart issues and he did not make it through surgery:( so we are waiting for the breeder to havve another litter in early may. It was really hard on us, we only had him 3 weeks. I think Sid took it hard as well bc tey were already begininning to bond. So wish us luck in mid may for an awesome litter!! And christy…how flippin hilarious! We named ours Dexter..but now hav2 come uup with another name..phoebe is adorable:)

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