• Hi all! I joined awhile ago but never introduced myself or my BGirl, Gadget (Echelon-Rafiki Charisma)

    Gadget is the third Basenji I have owned in my lifetime. I acquired her from Heather Ervin, Echelon Basenjis in March 2008. We had a BGirl, Sophie, that we acquired from Brat for about 5 years but sadly had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge in November 2007.

    My life hasn't been the same since I got Gadget. I formed two wonderful friendships with Heather Ervin (Echelon Basenjis) and Melody Falcone (Melar Basenjis). These two gals have taught me a lot and inspired me to try my hand at showing Gadget. Gadget and I just had our very first show in Omaha on July 19th and we got WB and BOS for our very First Point.

    Gadget is a very smart girl, who loves to be with me 24/7. She is my shadow. She has brought so much joy to our lives after Sophie's passing. She is a much different dog than Sophie was. Sophie was not your typical Basenji. All Sophie wanted to do was eat and sleep in every single sun spot in the house. She was a super laid back girl. Gadget on the other hand is very playful, full of energy and wants to be everywhere I am.

  • Welcome. Please Please PLease post some pics….and CONGRATS on your first show....how exciting. 😃

  • Congrats and welcome to the Basenji World!

  • Welcome to the forum! Pics are a must 😃
    And congrats on the great result from your first show!

  • Welcome to the forum. How old is Gadget? Cute name!

  • Welcome to the pack and yes do post some pictures when you get a chance (some of us are addicted to them) and congratulations on your showing.

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