• Greetings all from NJ - My family are the proud owners of an almost 10 month old amazing and beautiful black and white Basenji. I have poured over this forum for almost a year now, in the months of prep for our puppy, Jack, who came home in January, all through the early puppy months, popping back every time I had a new question. You all have provided so much invaluable information - I never felt the need to ask a question, because someone already had, and there was tons of advice available. So, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. We are so happy with our decision to become a basenji family, and are pretty sure we will be adding a playmate for Jack in 2009. I will post a photo later, as I've loving seeing all the other photos.

  • Welcome! Can't wait for photos of Jack!

  • A whole year?!?! About time! I'm happy you introduced yourself and your B. We added our second B only 6 months after getting the first so I completely understand thinking about a playmate.

  • Welcome… and can't wait to see pictures. Who did you get Jack from?

  • Hello and welcome to the forum! Love to see pics of Jack! 🙂

  • Warm greetings and welcome to the best site on the internet.

    Ad nauseum to long time posters, I'm a sucker for the story behind the story. How did your Basenji find you, or you them? How were your first few months together?

    Again, welcome!!

  • Thanks for the warm welcomes! Yes, I know a year of
    reading all about all of you while I stayed quiet - that's just not right!
    Our wonderful basenji came from a experienced breeder in NJ, kennel name Djakomba. We had done a ton of research, decided a B was right for us and lucked into finding the breeder within 1 1/2 hour of our home. We waited a long time - first met her and some Bs in January 07 but had to wait for the fall breeding; and finally brought our Jack home in January 08. I have bad
    allergies and that's how we first found the breed, but SO many of the
    qualities seemed right for us. My dh is great with dogs, and wanted a dog
    for years. I held him off long enough until I felt that my kids were old
    enough (ages 6 and 9 when Jack came home) and I felt I was ready for another baby! We were very very happy with our breeder. Jack comes from an excellent line, and falconi (sp?) tested, and all that. The first few
    months were really better than expected, but we had done so much homework (esp thanks to all of you!) that I think we were just well prepared. He was housebroken quickly, rings a bell at the door to go out which is the coolest thing! He has bonded so much with the 4 of us, and that seems to be our real problem with him - separation anxiety. Not as bad as some others I've read here, but I don't think he'll ever go to his crate willingly. He's fine once in there, but just not happy that we are leaving. He's been well socialized, loves people and so happy around other dogs, which is why we think we'll get another. We're waiting on news of the breedings this month, so we'll know if Jack will likely have a little sister early next year. Sometimes I think we must me crazy! But as my dh says, we have 2 parents, 2 kids, seems right to have 2 Bs! Below is a photo of Jack at maybe 6-7 months, then about 10 weeks. Do not have this photo thing right yet - they are either too big or too small, but I'll keep working on it.


  • What a cutie!! Beautiful pup! 🙂

  • He is so adorable! Thank you for posting the pics.

  • That would be Doris Daniels? right, I didn't think she was actively breeding any longer? And the spelling is "Fanconi"… that is great that your pup is DNA tested. Just curious, who is your pups sire and dam? Jack is very handsome...

  • Beautiful! I love that one little speck of white on his nose. It seems like most b/w's I've seen have had more white on the face. The lack of white makes the eyes seem more intense somehow.

    Anyway, he's lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • Congratulations on you first Basenji!

    Is Jack from the Jerlin-SS General Powell x Djakomba's Trinket litter?

  • @lvoss:

    Congratulations on you first Basenji!

    Is Jack from the Jerlin-SS General Powell x Djakomba's Trinket litter?

    I would guess that he would be Djakomba's Jack Of Spades?

  • Cute pup you have there… Welcome to the pack. 😃

  • Yes - he is Djakomba's Jack of Spades! I was amazed to log on and see that you figured that out already!! But what was I thinking - you guys know your Bs! It seems that Doris has a few Bs that she co-owns with various families. I don't think she's as active a breeder as she was in the past. Jack's litter was mostly intended for pet families, but I think one of his litter sisters is being shown and Doris considered showing Jack. Before we got to the point for her to see him grown a bit and decide on his qualities, we as a family decided that was just not right for us. Too much time involved for us right now with active young kids. We were lucky that Doris decided to use our call name Jack in his name. She was working on a theme for the litter and worked with Jack. So he's our pretty Jack of Spades. He does have just the littlest white on his nose and under his chin, and it does make his face striking. We each had different names for him to begin with - Captain Jack, BlackJack, Jack Black, Jack Rabbit Slim so it became just Jack 🙂 Although Jack-Attack seems fitting now!

  • Are you going back to her for your second? And the dog that she co-owns that they purchased from Sal Wurnos, was Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the Nationals this past Week…

  • He is absolutely looooovely!! I love the BWs. 😉 Welcome to the forum – even if it's a year later. 😉

  • What a lovely Basenji.


  • Thanks again for all the welcomes!! Tanza - yes, #2 would be coming from Djakomba also. She mentioned having a few shows, but I didn't know the results. She sent us photos of her new boy, Sam, that's probably the one you are talking about that won - boy he was a stunning tri. She might have 2 of the females she co-owns bred, one might have been this weekend…we are waiting to hear.

  • The only problem with the young male is that he is too young to be tested for hips, unless they do a prelim, as he is under a year… but that is just my opinion

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