• Hi all, just found the site a couple of days ago and wanted to say hello. I am proudly owned by a 6 year old red/white female named "Jamie." I live here in Raleigh, NC with my wife. We also have a boxer mix named "Connor." Being owned by Jamie for the past 5 or so years, I have come to love these dogs and am always trying to talk my wife into another one! I chose the Basenji because ther were a rare breed and I was interested by all of the reswarch I did on them before I adopted. Jamie lives up to it! I often laugh out loud at some of the things she does. I am excited to read some of the posts and share stories about this wonderful breed! Pics coming soon!!


  • Welcome, Joel, Jamie and Connor! Can't wait for pics. I am owned by a basenji and a boxer

  • Welcome! It sounds like you've got lots of stories to share. Looking forward to hearing them and seeing the pictures of your pups too!

  • Welcome everyone! We do love the pictures … and stories!

  • Welcome! Can't wait to hear Jamie's exploits.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Don't stop and just gettign one more, get 3 like we did.

    nice to see more local people with Basenjis. Me are in Morrisville.

  • Hello and welcome!!! I look forward to see many pics!!! I am also glad to see another Southerner on the boards!!

  • Welcome, enjoy the forums…....we're all just a little crazy.......crazy about Basenji's.:D

    By all means.........Pics!!!!:D

  • Welcome to the forum! You'll have fun sharing stories. Don't forget the pictures.

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