Greetings from NC

Hi all, just found the site a couple of days ago and wanted to say hello. I am proudly owned by a 6 year old red/white female named "Jamie." I live here in Raleigh, NC with my wife. We also have a boxer mix named "Connor." Being owned by Jamie for the past 5 or so years, I have come to love these dogs and am always trying to talk my wife into another one! I chose the Basenji because ther were a rare breed and I was interested by all of the reswarch I did on them before I adopted. Jamie lives up to it! I often laugh out loud at some of the things she does. I am excited to read some of the posts and share stories about this wonderful breed! Pics coming soon!!


Welcome, Joel, Jamie and Connor! Can't wait for pics. I am owned by a basenji and a boxer

Welcome! It sounds like you've got lots of stories to share. Looking forward to hearing them and seeing the pictures of your pups too!

Basenji Mix

Welcome everyone! We do love the pictures … and stories!

Welcome! Can't wait to hear Jamie's exploits.

Anne in Tampa

Don't stop and just gettign one more, get 3 like we did.

nice to see more local people with Basenjis. Me are in Morrisville.

Hello and welcome!!! I look forward to see many pics!!! I am also glad to see another Southerner on the boards!!

Welcome, enjoy the forums…....we're all just a little crazy.......crazy about Basenji's.:D

By all means.........Pics!!!!:D

Welcome to the forum! You'll have fun sharing stories. Don't forget the pictures.

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