Miles: A Rescue

Yes, every time I see my downstairs neighbor, she always tells me how she "heard the feet" (as they put their claws in the carpet to turn the corners)… And I always say, if it ever bothers you, please let me know... and she says, "no, it makes me laugh"... but I doubt that. She just lost her elderly dog about six months ago. I'm sure it reminds her of him, but it's got to be annoying at the same time. Poor thing.

This is a great story Bdawg. Thank you for sharing it and for the great photos also.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!! 🙂

After much work on getting my 20 minute video into a shorter length film- and having to convert it into a different format… I finally got the Day 2 video clip online.

This video is of Lexi (background) and Miles (foreground) during the 2nd day we went to work and crated them. Lexi just kind of chirps/whinnies with her back to us in the background, but as you can see... Miles does NOT like the towel on top of his crate and about (6 minutes into the surveillance) 3 minutes into the online video, he begins to HOWL!! So if you have a quiet dog, here's the polar opposite!! 🙂 He also very cleaverly tries to open the bottom lock on the crate... I better watch this one!

I had to edit the clip because it was originally very long. I put together the funniest parts. Sorry it was so dark. And it has that stupid phrase on top of it. That's what happens when you try to convert with free software!!

Anyways, we leave an ambient light on for them and have soft music playing in the background (although the camera did not pick it up). They also have peanutbutter kongs in their crate, but you'd never now it.

Feel free to chime in if you have any story to add!! 🙂 Now you can see why howling is NOT cool in an apartment complex!! YIKES!! And don't try turning your speakers down!! mwhahahah!

Surely someone watched this…?!?!?!?

I just watched 🙂 Honestly...<> that isn't really bad at all! He doesn't seem that stressed at all...just expressing his discontent...did he do it the whole time you video taped him? I would get a clip for the top and bottom of the doors though. I have heard of dogs getting their heads stuck when they can get the edge pushed away.
One year when we went to the benched show in Detroit, when people asked 'what do they sound like?' we would list all the normal vocalizations...and they would say 'they scream? what? what does that sound like?' So then we would put Querk in his crate, and he would scream his head off until we took him out!
Another cool related story. At the National Specialty each year (hundreds of basenjis) they often all howl like that at the same time. One will start and about 80% will join in. It is so loud, sometimes you have to stop your conversation! None of mine howl, sadly...I kind of like the sound. EXEPT when the girls are in heat, and we try to put Querk out in the yard by himself he will howl...right up until he starts ripping the siding off the house 😉

This will be his first full week doing your routine, he should be even better by the end of this week.

He is loud…..but cute.:)

I love the low - what I call the "pigeon cooing" sounds in the beginning and throughout…Nala does it too! Not too bad though...I expected a lot worse. My neighbors say that we should tape the noises Nala makes for a horror movie!!

Squirt squirt squirt! hehehehehe… 🙂

Basenji Mix

Guess I didn't want to "register". I got to see half - (dial-up took an hour to load half!) Looked like Miles was pushing on the door and making some headway! His little front legs pushing like "Ya gotta let me out of here!!" LOL!! And Lexi was having a hard time getting her beauty rest. LOL!! The noises were like what I call "warbeling". Duke makes those sounds when he wants something real bad and in trying to get us to do what he wants.

hehe i lovve snow pictures!! awesome

Going on week three now… Miles is getting younger by the day. Seriously. I swear he's under a year with as much energy as he has!! I'll give it to him that it's been snowy and we've been cooped up, but still...!! 🙂 Lexi had to tell him to leave her alone last night; that it was time to go to bed!

Tonight's adventure, you ask? I decided to take a hot bath since I'm feeling kind of ick... And all of a sudden I hear an unusual noise that sounds like my jacket. Hmmm... Then I realize what's going on... I leap out of the tub, grabbing a towel, and running into the living room where I find Miles making his best attempt at killing my (faux) fur rimmed LLBean jacket!! "Dangit, Miles!!" I scream as he tries frantically to lick my legs dry! Sweet little innocent B eyes...

I couldn't even be mad~ dangit he's just too cute!! I love his sweet little tongue. It's soft and his face is just too cute!

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!!

Basenji Mix

Never a dull moment with two now is there? I am under the influence of a 1 year old and 9 week old. I can't get much done unless someone is home to watch my babies. It will get better - in due time . . .

I took the kids over to a coworker's house to have a doggie playdate. Her Golden LOVED the kids. She'd lay on the ground and just let them get her. It was sooooo cute!!

Ha ha, I just read the one with the video attached. It was taking a while so I minimized it and about 10 minutes later I hear this really strange noise and could not figure out what in the world it was (the one speaker I have hooked up was on the floor under the desk. How funny.

So hubby took the kids hiking today at Harpers Ferry… Got some great pics- Had to share with you all! Enjoy! 🙂 Remember...

They look so beautiful! I bet they had a blast!

What beautiful and happy dogs!

What beautiful pictures. They look like they had a great time out there!

You gotta love those Red & Whites, they are so regal looking sitting HIGH on that rock, beautiful scenery, beautiful Bs. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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