Miles: A Rescue

What a neat story, BDawg! I like the group nap pic best.

Huge congrats on the rescue!! And what a cute boy he is. Whats wrong with his ears? You said they're going to need lots of TLS, and I notice they are rimmed black?

This is such a touching story!!! We're so happy for your family that you adopted Miles!! He's a sweet looking boy and it seems as though he's settling in to your pack quite nicely! Big hugs and kudos to your family and Basenji Boy's family for making this happen! Dear little Miles is now living the life he deserves thanks to all of you!!
Lorraine and the pack

From what I understand, when Basenji's are left to extreme colds, their ears are the first things to deteriorate. His ears are very crunchy and black- it's like they are chapped from being outside. We've been recommended to use vitamin E oil and vasoline to keep them moisturized. His coat is VERY dry and wintery! As he gains weight and eats better, I am hoping his coat and ears will improve!!

oh my goodness! thank you for saving him! poor baby 😞 miles and lexi are a lovely pair. bboy is such a nice guy! best of luck!

Thanks for everyone's support… 🙂

Thank you for rescuing him, he looks so sweet!:)

I think he'll fit right in… I just have to figure out a better way to put the bowls down faster and further apart... They keep having spats over the dishes!


Congratulations! That is so great that Basenji Boy could help you guys. What an awesome story.


Congratulations! That is so great that Basenji Boy could help you guys. What an awesome story.

Basenji Mix

Wonderful story to a new beginning. Congrats with Miles. Lexi and Miles look so like bro' & sis'. BBoy is a fantastic person in assisting you and helping to bring Miles home. I love his name - fits with his story - if we could only know exactly what he went thru. He's a survivor alright. From here on, he'll sleep so much better. Thank you for saving him.

Yay for you! I am so glad things are working out!

A couple words of advice. Feed them seperately! Don't even give them the chance to fight over food. He is VERY undernourished, and has every reason to fight over food. Lexi is getting used to having a 'brother'..don't set her up to have to fight over her 'stuff'.

Also, please don't 'correct' him in any way for screaming in his crate. For one thing, if he is frightened of his new situation, you are going to make it worse. If he just wants your attention, correcting him (or paying any attention to him) while screaming is going to reinforce it, instead of making it go away.

Good luck! I am so happy it seems to be working for you 🙂

That is wonderful of you! Thank you for sharing the pictures, they tell the story so nicely and I'm sure you'll have a transition period but it seems to have gone well so far.
Keep us posted…I know you will!

Evaluation and photos….......................................................$1.00

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All day pass at Basenj Park for Lexi & Miles
winter rates:) …..................................................................$7.00

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, for sharing this special day with us. Having Miles running free at Basenji Park warmed my heart, it meant so much to all of us. I am confident Miles is going to a good home with loving parents and shall have the best of care. You're a lovely couple and now you have a lovely couple of Basenji's. This whole experience has inspired us to join Brat(we are now members) and help other Basenjis in the future.:D
Kudos to you Mr. & Mrs. BDawg, you've done a great thing, I hope you are rewarded for your kind and humane efforts. I think you will be!;)
Special Dogs, Special People.;)
Greetings From Basenji Park!

Ah hahahahah… Basenji_Boy, your comment left me grinning ear to ear! How cute!! You guys were so awesome and so very generous with everything! I really can't thank you enough! I really think Miles was meant to be for us. He is very special. Without your evaluation, I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to follow through with adopting such a "wildcard" (no previous experiences known). It was so great to get so many pointers from you all! His little tummy is still upset, but he's eating well now. I still hope his ears improve, but the two of them are actually curled up and TOUCHING right now!! WOO HOOO! What a little gem!! YEAH!! I am SO THRILLED!!!! 🙂

Oh! I just had to reread it… that little Priceless commercial was so cute!! Makes me smile!! 🙂 What a great experience!!

PS- Thanks for the discounted winter rates to Basenji Park! hahahahh!

What a great story!! So glad B-BOY and his clan were able to assist you with such a big decision. I can understand your apprehension. I think it's great that we can call on each other for assistance & guidance. I would completely trust B-BOY's opinion on this too! He's got great B experience 😃 😃 😃 running Basenji Park and all.

Congrats to you & Lexi on your new furbaby. I'm sure Miles will settle in with some time. They say it takes about 3 months for them to get acquainted with their new environment. Perhaps in time this is all he will need to adjust to his crate. GOOD LUCK & Many blessings to you for doing such a good deed!

OK, maybe I'm just hormonal, but I got teary BB & BDawg…the photos and BB's "priceless" commercial is just too sweet!


OK, maybe I'm just hormonal, but I got teary BB & BDawg…the photos and BB's "priceless" commercial is just too sweet!

I'll tell ya what, Sat. night as I worked on the pictures from the day, the one with Miles looking all content and happy sitting on the floor… whew.....I'm glad it's over. In thinking about the whole thing, I got a little misty eyed.........I'm not ashamed to say it either.

It was one of those feel good days!


PS- Thanks for the discounted winter rates to Basenji Park! hahahahh!

You did take note that everything totals…..$10.00????.....which you've already paid.:D 😃 😃

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