Hello from Hawaii

Hi! I just found this forum and can't wait to hear all of the crazy Basenji stories. I have a 2 year old r/w male named Fenway. So far I've only met a few Basenjis and can't wait for my little guy to meet other Basenjis. Is anyone in Hawaii???


Welcome Fenway and Fenway's human, nice to have you onboard..:)

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you and Fenway here with us. I believe there are members in Hawaii.

Welcome to the forum - I do believe there are members of this forum from Hawaii - hopefully you can get together with them!

Welcome to the forum! I was born and raised on Maui but live in Atlanta. There is a member named "Captain Jack" who lives on Oahu. Which island do you live on? How did you get into basenjis?

Welcome, tell us about your basenji. We love photos as well.

Welcome to the forum

Thanks everyone! The site isn't letting me add any photos yet. I'm on Oahu. I had never heard of Basenjis until 3 years ago while pet sitting. I met two Basenji puppies and fell in love while watching them a few times over the next year. My little guy is much crazier than the first two I met, but he is hilarious!

Welcome to the forum. I look forward to the pictures when you can post them, your boy sounds like fun!

Who did you get your Basenjis from? There is a list member in Oahu, but she has not posted in a while, she "pops" in now and again…. Her husband is in the service.

Welcome to the forum, my puppy is from Oahu - She says Aloha!

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