• Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl Sadie 😞

    Sadie was already a bit ill for a few days (she was old, two years it's old for her breed)
    She died in my arms this morning 😞
    I'm happy for her I was there with her but it was very difficult for me, one moment I hugged her and the next moment she suddenly died… Maybe she was waiting for the moment she sat with one of us..

    Maybe some of you think, it's just a rat but also a rat is a very sweet and loving pet...

    Goodbye girl, we miss you already very much..

    Sadie was our 12th rat, we had rats for over ten years.
    From males to females, re-homed rats, petstore rats and rats from the university (were Janneke is studying)
    The two oldest rats became 6 years old, both came from the university.
    The first one I took with me when I worked there, Diesell was his name.
    The second one , Morris, I got from a great family that got ALL the rats that were used at the university (those rats that were castrated by students)

    Sadie only turned two years, it's old for her breed.
    I don't know how you call her breed in English but in Dutch you say Dumbo (rats with BIG ears and have a nicer caracter)

    sigh… I'm feeling very sad...
    When I sat with Sadie, Buana and Chafuko came to sit next to me.
    Normally they try to sniff her out the whole time but this time they just let their faces at my lap... very sweet

  • I'm sorry to hear about Sadie. It sounds like she had a wonderful life.

  • I'm sorry about Sadie, she was a well loved little girl, obviously.

  • I'm sorry about Sadie 😞 It sounds like she had a great life with you 🙂

  • I'm very sorry for your loss of Sadie. What a pretty girl.

  • My condolences to you on Sadie's passing. I think that all of our little animal friends are precious to us.

  • Sorry to hear of Sadie's passing… rats make wonderful pets... my neice had one for 4yrs... she was just too cute!

  • Many years ago I raised rats. They make the most wonderful pets; so affectionate, clean, and trainable. Their lifespans are just way too short. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Rats, cats, our Basenjis or any other animal who is loved is long missed - so sorry for your loss.

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear about Sadie. I think all our pets are loved by us, no matter what kind.

    Here in the states I have seen them called Dumbo rats as well, due to their Dumbo sized ears. She was adorable.

  • First Basenji's

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I am sorry for your loss, I had to let my Bindi go to a shelter (My basenji girl. ) Had her for 2 yrs but she was very sick due to Backyard breeder. She was the sweetest and lovingest little b girl. Still have my sweet Khyroe so he is helping with the grieving part of losing Bindi. So sorry about Sadie. She was a cute little Rat. Basenjis do give good hugs and they know when you are hurting. They like to cuddle for the most part as well. LOL

  • Thank you all for your support 🙂

    We're taking her to my mom and dad today, it's someting our family does for many many years with all our little pets that passed away: She will get her own place in the backyard between all the other pets..
    We just think it's weird to "trow" your beloved pets away…

  • Kim, I totally agree with giving our loving animals a nice final resting place. We have a lovely urn for our darling Miss Mew - our best 'mommy' cat who took on the role of mother for other kitten strays we gave a home to. She was a special lady and she still 'lives' here with everyone who loved her.

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